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A24 is bringing us a slasher horror about rich kids and it stars Amandla Stenberg and Rachel Sennott

bodies bodies bodies

A24 has officially entered its horror years. Sure, it's dragged us into the pits of horror and gore before with Midsommar and Hereditary, but those screenings were tempered by coming-of-age dramas like Ladybird and Mid90s. Now, with out into the world, the production company is picking up steam and we're heeding the writing on the wall. One such message is that a slasher horror is headed our way. Titled Bodies Bodies Bodies, below we bring you everything we know about the film.

What is Bodies Bodies Bodies about?

A24 are whisking us away into the lives of a group of morally depraved, rich twenty-somethings who decide to throw a hurricane party as the storm approaches. Naturally, the choice of location is at one of the friends remote (and probably haunted) mansion. As the night rolls on the group think to play a party game of murder-in-the-dark, but when a real murder is revealed everything turns to trash, real quick. Peppered throughout is some back-stabbing (proverbial of course) and fractured friendships. Oh and blood. Lot's of the stuff.

Who will star in the film?

A handful of indie darlings have been tapped for the film. The lineup includes Amandla Stenberg (who is coincidentally the only actor in Hollywood that I would lay down my life for), Rachel Sennott from Shiva Babythe heavenly Chase Sui Wonders, Maria Bakalova and in a strange turn of events, Pete Davidson? The latter of which plays an extremely wealthy childhood friend who carts around a dim-witted boyfriend played by Lee Pace. Given this cast, there will be blood but we're anticipating a bag of laughs too.

If this platter of delights isn't enough to tempt you, then let it be known that Kristen Roupenian, the writer who delivered us Cat Person, wrote the script for the film. As did Sarah DeLappe and Chloe Okuno.

When can we watch it?

Very soon. Bodies Bodies Bodies will be released this year on August 5.

Is there a trailer?

As of April 26, we have a trailer. It is chaotic as heck and filled with the internet speak of our generation. Think, "triggered, silencing, cancelled, gaslighting"... you get the gist. The casting is *chefs kiss* and Pete Davidson looks sallow and unwashed, just the way we like it.

Find the trailer to Bodies Bodies Bodies below.

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