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Why everyone is obsessed with ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’

Everything Everywhere All At Once

When A24's new film, Everything Everywhere All At Once was released earlier this month, it felt like its fervently giddy responses came out of nowhere. Reviews were posted, cinema screenings were sold out, and people were weeping on TikTok simply because it was that good. It's swiftly become the internet's new favourite film. Already, it feels as through we probably have an Oscars contender for 2023, and even though the new film got a small amount of press prior to its release, it has already surpassed The Godfather and Catwoman on Letterboxd – officially becoming the websites best rated movie to date.

But why is it receiving such impeccable reviews? We are yet to secure a ticket to a screening of the film, but below is everything you need to know about Everything Everywhere All At Once. 

The Plot of Everything Everywhere All At Once

Evelyn Wang is a Chinese American woman who, between running her laundromat business, is navigating the breakdown of her relationship with her marriage and her daughter. Despite the intro, this is not a heartfelt film about the bonds of family (although it does reportedly touch on this theme), instead, Wang discovers a technology that allows access to alternate realities, which Wang had unknowingly created when she had been faced with past choices. In a classic superhero-esque twist, the universe and all of it's alternates hangs in the balance, and Wang sets out to save it all. You can watch the trailer, below.


Who stars in it?

Crazy Rich Asians star and former Bond girl Michelle Yeoh stars as Evelyn, with her husband played by Ke Huy Quan, and her daughter, Joy played by Stephanie Hsu. Alongside them, is James Hong as Evelyn’s father, Jamie Lee Curtis,  as an almost unrecognisable tax inspector and Jenny Slate , Harry Shum Jr., and Sunita Mani in smaller additional roles.

As for behind the camera, the film was created, written, directed and produced by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, known as the Daniel duo, and have previously done music video work with Foster the People and DJ Snake. The Russo Brothers, who are most famous for producing The Avengers, have co-produced with distribution by A24.


How has Everything Everywhere All At Once been received?

After receiving countless glowing reviews and a 4.6 out of 5 star rating on Lettrbox, including one from actor Bowen Yang, who said that the film was one of the best things "I’ve ever seen in my piece of shit life,” critics have taken to their respective publications to make their own assertions about the film, most of which have been positive. The film has been reviewed by the New York Times, Rolling Stone, Polygon, and the Washington Post, where Michael O'Sullivan wrote, "By one measure, “Everything” is an exhilarating roller coaster ride of sci-fi gobbledygook. On another, it’s an intergenerational mother-daughter family drama masquerading as a philosophical dissertation on the nature of existence — with martial arts action. All of this is delivered with a pell-mell brio and a lo-fi special effects aesthetic reminiscent of Michel Gondry, funneled through a fire hose that blasts everything at you so fast that you might not notice how silly and sophomoric it all is."


When and how can you watch Everything Everywhere All At Once?

After premiering at SXSW in early March, the movie had a limited release in select cinemas from 25 March 2022, with a wider release after April 8. The film is available to see in cinemas around Australia, now.

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