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YSL Beauty has created a lipstick that can change colour as you please

Yes, you read that correctly. YSL Beauty have engineered a special lipstick that can create a bespoke colour for you whenever you want to apply. It's called Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Sur Mesure Powered by Perso.

How does it work you ask? Well, the device contains three different pods that contain lipstick formulas, in this instance the YSL Beauty Velvet Cream Matte Finish. Once you've chosen and selected your desired shade through the app, the device squirts out the colours required to make it. The new, bespoke colour then comes out of the top and is ready to be applied.

It's a rather interesting device for a few reasons. The increased popularity of customisation and personalisation certainly has appeal. But also, a device such as this is a great step forward in the fight for sustainability. One device that can create multiple looks reduces the need for people to buy multiple lipsticks, thus lowering the demand for new products and their accompanying carbon-footprint.


L'Oreal (YSL Beauty's parent company) first showed off this cool piece of gadgetry last year at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), but it's only now at CES 2021 that we're seeing how it will work in reality.

It's totally portable, and enabled by bluetooth. Charging through a standard USB-C cable, L'Oreal has said the battery life should last more than a week. Choosing your shade is easy, the device's accompanying app comes with a shade wheel for you to choose from. There's a 'shade stylist' feature which can help you choose between shades to find something that will match your look for the day. Or theres even a 'shade match' option which allows you to create a bespoke colour to work with your makeup or outfit. Interestingly, there is a social component to the app which gives users and insight into the colours other people made and can show off trends and advice from YSL Beauty experts.

If you're wanting to get your hands on this nifty, little gadget, you should know they're officially available to be preordered for an autumn delivery. Each order includes two sets of colours (which is six in total) in red, nude, orange or pink. If you want to wait to see the magic for yourself before you commit, the device will be more widely available later in 2021, around September.

It's a device that certainly has us talking. Is 'smart' makeup set to be future for the beauty industry?


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