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Tried and tested – these are the best blushes according to the ‘RUSSH’ team

best blushes

Has the beauty landscape ever been more saturated?

Every day there is a new brand with a whole range of new products. It's impossible to keep up with what's worth your money - and what's not. And this is is particularly true when it comes to blush.

There seems to be a new blush going viral on TikTok every ten minutes. A fresh, must-buy product in your feed every time you open the app. But just because something is new, doesn't mean it's good. And, as always, the best recommendations always come from those who have actually tried, tested and lived with the product.

To help you separate the best from the rest, we asked our team for their best blush recommendations. The go-to, daily-use blushes that they repurchase whenever they hit pan. In no particular order, these are the ones we love.


1. Violette FR Bisou Blush


I love everything about this: the creamy texture, the dimensional pigment, the way it blends with little effort. French makeup artist Violette really meant perfection when she made this as part of her eponymous makeup line. Cute fact: The shade Ines is modelled on the flush of her daughter’s cheeks when she was teething.

Loved by: Emily Algar, Beauty Editor 


2. Chanel Les Beiges Water-Fresh Blush

This product format is the coolest: tiny pigment droplets suspended in a fresh watery fluid. They burst when you buff them in, imparting a really juicy wash of colour. The tiniest bit goes a long way, too. I love the shade Warm Pink.

Loved by: Emily Algar, Beauty Editor 


3. Flavedo & Albedo Dew Tint

It’s a buildable cream formula that doesn’t disturb the rest of your makeup. Plus, the packaging is also delightfully plastic-free

Loved by: Mia Steiber, Digital Strategy Director and Associate Publisher


4. Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in Worth

The colour payoff is excellent, you only need a small amount to achieve a warm flush. It works well on bare skin and this particular colour is perfect for olive complexions.

Loved by: Mia Steiber, Digital Strategy Director and Associate Publisher

Summery in tone, this blush is easy to glide across with the attached wand or to use liberally with your fingers. I blot it out with a tissue if it looks a bit too pigmented upon first go. It also elevates beautifully with a bit of bronzer.

Also loved by: Karen Leong, Digital Writer, Arts & Culture


5. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Beauty Blush Wand in Pillow Talk

The application format is easy, the product lasts a long time with only a touch needed per application and the colour payoff is incredible. This shade is peachy on my very fair skin and works beautifully on a base of skincare.

Loved by: Stacey Gaskin, Consumer Revenue Manager


6. Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush in Minette

This is a stick formula, which makes an easy application if I’m carrying it out and about and need to apply it with my fingertips. It feels soft and the buildable pigment makes for a natural finish on the skin. The packaging feels weighty and luxurious and it works great with its contour stick sibling.

Loved by: Stacey Gaskin, Consumer Revenue Manager


7. Glossier Cloud Paint in Spark 

This is really easy to use, I apply it with my fingertips quite high on my cheeks and the tip of my nose. It gives a really natural ‘I’ve been at the beach all summer’ look without the sun damage.

Loved by: Phoebe Holden, Designer 


8. ROSE Inc cream blush in Ophelia

A lip and cheek tint is super pigmented, blends out so smoothly and comes in the best compact container with a mirror. The colour ophelia is the perfect apricot rosey colour that looks quite like a natural flush, especially if you’re fair like me. Rose Inc have some of the best, most blendable products that give that no-makeup, makeup look.

Loved by: Samantha Corry, Assistant to Editor-in-chief. 


9. NARS Orgasm Powder Blush 

A mainstay staple that reserves a soft spot in my heart: This was the first blush that I found  to match my complexion well. Needs a soft-bristle brush for good and even application, however.

Loved by: Karen Leong, Digital Writer, Arts & Culture  


10. Outside Beauty SPF50+ Lip to Cheek Tint in Desert Rose

Maddison Brown’s skincare baby Outdoor Beauty created the most perfect sunburn hue in their ‘Desert Rose’ lip and cheek tint. I don’t like anything too pinky or red and this is the perfect cool-toned blush. I bring it with me just about everywhere to give myself some colour – in the office or at the beach. It’s fail-safe and foolproof and has the added benefit of sun protection.

Loved by: Cassandra Dimitroff, Production Editor 


11. MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Peachy Keen

I’ve been wearing this blush since I was 16 - if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. It’s buildable, the perfect shade of pink (but not too pink) for my very pale skin tone, and it has just a little bit of shimmer which means I can skip using highlighter. Efficiency is key when it comes to makeup if you ask me.

Loved by: Megan Nolan, Marketing Manager


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