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Yoko Ono has a new exhibition, and you can view it across the UK


Patron Saint of all that is pure in this world, Yoko Ono, has released a new series of public artworks entitled, I LOVE YOU EARTH that address the climate crisis, to mark Earth Day which took place on April 22.

Created in partnership with Serpentine Galleries, the new artwork takes shape as a series of white billboards with black text simply declaring in the artist's signature style, "I LOVE YOU EARTH", and has been installed in major cities across the UK like London, Liverpool, Glasgow, and Manchester.

For those who remember, the piece also alludes to the artists 1985 song of the same name where she sings, “I love you, earth, you are beautiful / I love the way you are / I know I never said it to you / But I wanna say it now.”

“There are so many of us in the world who are now awakened, ready to act to save our world,” Ono wrote in a statement posted to Instagram. “So let’s work together to save this planet. Together. That’s how we will change the world. We change, and the world changes.”

“Have trust in what you can do. Have trust in how fast we can change our world for the better. Why? Because we have to. Believe that we are one and together we will make it. Love is what connects all lives on Earth.” She urges.

The work acts as a gentle provocation and reminder to those who see it to ask themselves how they show our planet love and care each day, and encourages viewers near and far to take a moment of pause to reflect on all that our earth provides.

You can see the works below, and if you happen to be located in the UK, you can check out where the nearest work to you is via the Serpentine website.


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