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Wynn Crawshaw of Wynn Hamlyn sends postcards from Saint-Tropez

Business must always be followed up by pleasure. After a long overdue work trip to Paris, designer Wynn Crawshaw fled to the south of France to melt into the Saint-Tropez landscape. Joined by friends, he spent the brief stretch of time going with the flow; which meant cooking at home, cutting laps in the ocean and getting involved in some fierce Ping Pong tournaments. Below, Crawshaw shares a visual diary of his time away, sharing restaurant tips and the three things he'll never travel without.


Tell us a little about your travels through France?

I've been waiting to return to France for a while. I was there for Resort 2023 Market and we were there showing our collection with The Known Agency.

It was great to head back over after two years of no travel. It was long overdue and could finally reconnect with buyers and teams in Paris. We also attended fashion week and the Premiere Vision trade show while we were there.

Then after a busy week, we had a break with some friends down in Nice and Saint-Tropez.


Where did you stay? Do you have a favourite hotel or property?

We rented a villa in the small town of Gassin. The location was great – the villa was situated on a hill above the Golfe de Saint-Tropez, overlooking hundreds of super yachts in the harbour. It was surrounded by overgrown grass and was the perfect place to unwind and catch up on some sleep but also party and really enjoy ourselves.



What was your favourite moment from the trip?

Driving around the area and stopping at random fruit shops and bakeries. I enjoyed going for runs through the marina – checking out all the super yachts. We also had some unforgettable Ping Pong tournaments.


What sights were on your must-do list?

We didn't have a lot of time in Saint-Tropez, so I mostly relaxed and went with the flow. We spent time in the sun and recharged for the next season.



What was the most unforgettable meal you ate?

We actually did a lot of home cooking as we had all been on the road so much. One of our mates is an epic cook so we could have delicious meals at our villa. On our last night we went for a drive and stumbled across this hole in the wall restaurant called Kikouiou. The food was so good. It was simplistic and rustic – no thrills, and fun cocktails.


What are your favourite things to do on holiday?

I like exploring new places and just hanging out with friends. Quite often on holidays, I get inspired by my surroundings and get a vision or direction for our next collection. Whenever that happens, I just go with it by putting some designs and ideas on paper before they're gone.



What’s your perfect travel outfit?

Well, I basically started designing menswear based on the things that I want to wear so it's probably something from Wynn Hamlyn. My go to is always our denim capsule. I also live in a simple t-shirt.


What three things will you always have in your bag when you travel?

My Airpods are a necessity! I also always have my sunglasses and passport. These are the three things that would always be with me when I'm travelling. Practical!

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