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Behind the scenes at Wynn Hamlyn Resort 2023

wynn hamlyn aafw 2022

At AAFW 2022, Wynn Hamlyn went deeper. We mean this quite literally. As a roster of labels staged their shows at Carriageworks, designer Wynn Crawshaw leaned into the destination show; which is how rows of Australia's fashion crowd found themselves underground in a tunnel beneath Central Station at 9pm on a Tuesday evening. Are we surprised? Invigorated, more like it. This is how you set a mood and photographer Daniel Hanslow was there to capture it.

A transplant himself, for Resort 23 Crawshaw set out to evoke the feeling of being in transit. The tunnel was redolent of the cursed airport lounge, us onlookers slipping into our surrounds perfectly, as though suits lined up waiting for a plane to catch. This of course bled through the clothes. Just as many of us pack too much, stuffing clothes in pragmatically, or for hopeful occasions that never arise, the collection took us to the flustered state before and after a holiday.

Brightly-coloured Hawaiian shirts and beaded macrame dresses are worn as a badge of honour, "to signify where they’ve been" Crawshaw explains. Then there's the heavy denim and serious suit pants of those on their way out, because as Crawshaw put its, "they couldn’t quite manage to squeeze into their suitcase". Either that or they're coming straight from the office. More than anything, the collection is hopeful, delivering lashings of newness just as we're given the green light to travel and relish in it ourselves.

He may have grown up across the ditch, but Crawshaw is certainly paying attention. The collection and its blend of the technical (see: Salomon footwear and puffer jackets) with the body-hugging knitwear and oversized shirts has managed to capture the spirit of this city and inhabitants. It's the attire of those sweating it out in a rave cave at some unmarked warehouse in Marrickville and the uniform of groovers loitering the streets of Darlinghurst and Surry Hills. Now, as Wynn Hamlyn laid out at AAFW 2022, it's the uniform of Australians as they find their feet overseas.


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