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Hot summer nights: the sleepwear labels we’re turning to for the warmer weather

Hot summer nights. It's time to pack the flannel away, pull out the fan and revert to our strict cold showers only policy.

Getting a good night sleep in the land down under during summertime warrants a lot of prep. Arguably the most important step lay in what you wear to catch those Z's. While personally I'm a big fan of sleeping in the bare minimum (read: nothing), a pragmatic approach during the warmer months, there are plenty of us who aren't going to allow the white heat to get in the way of their bedtime dress code. So to save you all tossing and turning early in the AM, we're bringing you our favourite labels that do womens sleepwear not just well, but with the rising temperatures in mind.

Think elastic waist cotton shorts and button up shirts, silk boxer briefs and viral silk slips favoured by Zoe Kravitz. White cotton tank tops that can take you straight from your bed sheets to the great outdoors, after all we're partial to the pyjama outfit trend, and bike shorts that mould to your body. Basically anything breezy, minimal and low maintenance. As you can tell, fabric matters a great deal when it comes to womens sleepwear. That's why we're favouring labels that opt for naturally derived materials like cotton, silk, and linen.

Below, find the 7 sleepwear labels that we're turning to as the weather reaches boiling. From Tekla, Araks, In Bed and so much more... Sweet dreams are made of this.




Comme Si




In Bed

Gil Rodriguez

Silk Laundry

Simone Perele

For more in the way of sleepwear, find inspiration from the models who's off duty style involves nestling up into a pair of PJ's. Or alternatively, here are the pyjamas we're stepping out in, after all, they are a suit of sorts.

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