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Rest easy with these sleepwear labels designed for hot summer nights

It's time to pack the flannel away, pull out the fan and revert to our strict cold showers only policy. Summer is on the way, and your sleep shouldn't have to suffer because of it.

But having excellent sleep hygiene is only half the picture. Arguably, one of the most important steps to a good night of sleep in summer, is what you wear to catch those Z's. You could just opt for the bare minimum (read: nothing) and be done with it. But some people have children, early tradesmen, or a fear of the fire alarm going off in the night – so basically, pyjamas are essential. To save you all tossing and turning early in the AM, we're bringing you our favourite labels that do womens sleepwear not just well, but with the rising temperatures in mind.

Think elastic waist cotton shorts and button up shirts, silk boxer briefs and viral silk slips favoured by Zoe Kravitz. White cotton tank tops that can take you straight from your bed sheets to the great outdoors, after all we're partial to the pyjama outfit trend, and bike shorts that mould to your body. Basically anything breezy, minimal and low maintenance. As you can tell, fabric matters a great deal when it comes to womens sleepwear. That's why we're favouring labels that opt for naturally derived materials like cotton, silk, and linen.

Below, find 10 womens sleepwear labels we're turning to as the weather reaches boiling point. From Tekla, Araks, and In Bed...



Founded in Copenhagen in 2017, Tekla is not just our favourite vendor for summer sleepwear, but bedding and bath staples too. Inspired by art and architecture, most notably John Pawson, Donald Judd, Le Corbusier and Agnes Martin, this B Corp Certified brand has tapped our desire for traditional sleepwear, in refreshed, relaxed silhouettes. Offering lightweight poplin and brushed flannel in long and short versions, pick a set of both for all your summer and winter needs. Made in Portugal and Lithuania.



If you have your top half sorted, then let us introduce you to Comme Si. This label manufactures an assortment of socks from quality materials such as Egyptian cotton, Merino wool, and Mongolian cashmere. It also has an abundant offering of silk boxer shorts, along with a more affordable cotton and linen range of boxer shorts and longer pyjamas pants. The colours are so great, you'll want to wear them outdoors.



The thing about Araks, a label designed and made in New York, is that all of its lines – be it loungewear or lingerie – are beautiful enough to be worn at home or outside. The brand's Cadel slip is a bestseller, and has been in and out of stock since Zoë Kravitz wore it while on a date with Channing Tatum back in 2021. We love the cami and panty sets from Araks, and the artful silk lingerie.



Australian favourite, Emma Mulholland on Holiday, keeps things cool and breezy with its linen resort sets. Available in a smattering of check patterns and seasonal prints, these sets will accompany you from bed to beach this summer. Plus, they have the seal of approval from Gigi Hadid, who wore the olive check while pregnant with her daughter Khai.



If you're a fan of their duvet covers and sheets, just wait until you try on IN BED's sleepwear range. Crafted from a robust 100% European Flax linen, and tied up with a grosgrain ribbon, these sets were made for lounging, in bed and beyond. For those who prefer slip dresses for sleep, IN BED has a linen option, along with various bathrobes for your perusal.



This is for sleepers who prefer to mix and match their own sleepwear. From bike shorts to spaghetti strap tanks to baby tees to cottons slips, your summer sleepwear is sorted. Each piece is made in the USA, and the brand offers bundles, so you can save on its basic range when you buy three or more items.



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Maybe you're after a good quality silk slip, in which case you're spoilt for choice at Silk Laundry, given that its 90s slip is the foundation of the brand's collection. Each garment is OEKO-TEX certified, and if you want a little less or more coverage, Silk Laundry have a set of classic pyjamas as well as silk knickers and bralettes to choose from too.



Simone Perele is a household name, a French label known for its timelessness and loyal customer base. The brand's sleepwear range oscillates between sensual camisoles and chemises, and soft knitted bed tees and pants. All your sleepwear bases are covered.



Another label that just gets it when it comes to basics. We could wear these to the office or to bed, and both situations would make sense. We're particularly fond of the pointelle range, which softens with each wear. Founded in late 2019 by Lili Chemla and made in Los Angeles, Leset is your source for womens summer sleepwear, wardrobe essentials and beyond.



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Based out of Byron Bay, Deiji Studios embraces simplicity and applies it to a range of high comfort linen loungewear and ready-to-wear pieces. Versatile and timeless, the brand is another that you would want to wear on the street just as you would to bed. Special mention to the Paper Dress and Bow Dress, we've got our eyes on you for summer.



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Inspired by her grandmother’s romantic vintage collection of nightgowns and robes, Olivia Koennecke set out to create Maison Essentiele in 2018 to modernise these styles while retaining their whimsy. The result is a display of feminine and silky sleepwear. Treat yourself, we dare you.

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