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White tank tops are the gift that keeps on giving – here are our favourites


Tank tops have been hailed a wardrobe staple for years now, and it's finally getting warm enough to bust our favourites out again. The perfect white ribbed tank top is as subjective as it is impactful, and can almost always make both wearer and witness feel some type of way. Our model muses are all over it, Kendall, Dilone, Adwoa and Gigi to name a few. Chalamet and Mescal are similarly very much on the wagon, and there isn't a soul in the RUSSH office who isn't in possession of a Bonds Chesty. So, what is it about the perfect white ribbed tank that drives everyone so wild?

We don't have the answer but can bring you one step closer to purchasing one for yourself and finding out with the below list of the seven best white tank tops, according to us.



RIKA Studios Mine Tank Top


We won't be saving the best for last. We will, in fact, save the best for first, in our opinion. This Rika iteration of the white tank is everything one could want, especially if that want is high-quality ribbing and for your shoulders to look shockingly good.


Entireworld Recycled Cotton Tank


Slim, simple, and sexy always gets the job done. This affordable Entireworld option has minimal shoulder coverage and is crafted from recycled cotton jersey. Win-Win!


King Princess KP White Ribbed Tank

Not from a brand, from an icon. Of course, King Princess' merch is superior in the sense that you'd actually wear it in life and not just in a super-fan frenzy, and what better way to make a nod to the queen of white tank tops herself?


Les Boys Les Girls Rib Jersey Racerback Tank Top


A close second favourite for us. The Les Boys Les Girls Tank Top is the perfect unisex iteration to share with your SO, except that you'd never want to, considering it's close to perfection.


Arket Ribbed Tank Top

Just like the product name, this Arket iteration is simple and straight to the point.


Toteme White Rib Espera Tank


Another elevated classic, this Toteme tank is all about chunky binds and high necklines, which in our world is code for: hot.


Bonds Comfy Livin Rib Tank

We won't be arguing with this product name. Bonds are an honorary staple for cheap and effective singlets in Australia, so if the chesty is a feeling a little wide on those with narrower frames, this baby should do the job.


image: @helenacuesta

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