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Anything but white – a case for switching to bright bedding

Changing up the appearance of your home is either expensive or - for most those renting - difficult without landlord approval. Even putting a screw in a wall to hang a piece of art can be a challenge - as I recently found out. Apparently the common wall of my bedroom is a no-go for drills and screws. As such, breathing life and style into your space can take creativity, ingenuity and out-of-the-box ideas.

One such way I've found to change the style of spaces and add colour without repainting or adding wall paper is to take a dramatic turn with my soft furnishings. In particular, bedding. Gone are the days when white and beige were the only colour lining the shelves of your local manchester store. Now, it's all about a pop or rust or turquoise. And it can make a big difference. Deep green sheets can make your space feel like tropical haven, berry adds a traditional mood, while navy can transform the air into something coastal and modern.

With this in mind, find below, our edit of favourite bright and vibrant bedding to help transform your space - and without picking up a paint brush or a drill.

Bed Thread Bedding Set in Rust


Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Set in Sage


Manchester Warehouse set in Rouge


Cultiver Sheet Set in Bluestone


Linen House Sheet Set in Nara Bronze


I Love Linen Quilt Cover in Mustard


Sheridan Linen Quilt Cover in Ink


In Bed Linen Sheet Set in Kohl


Of course, before you set your sights on a sheet set, be sure to read up on what style and fabric will suit you best, we've broken down the difference between linen, cotton, bamboo and more here.

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