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McMullin & co.’s capsule collection series is here to help you complete your interiors

Introducing the latest from cult furniture brand McMullin & co. - a capsule collection series dropped in limited edition lots over the course of the next eight weeks - find the capsule drops here.

Unlike the traditional collections from the brand - like the recently released 'Tidal Collection' - this isn't a typical drop from the brand. Instead, the capsule series features select pieces designed to fill the gaps. The pieces to compliment the bigger or more unique items you might already have or be looking for.

 The first series, inspired by the ideas of continuous movement and contrasting light, includes decor items that pop the finishing touch on your room. Think vases, cushions and candlesticks. Designed to complete the McMullin & co. range, the unique objects from the capsule collections series can also be used as stand alone features in the home.



Ahead of the launch of the brand's capsule collection series - and also its new full 'Tidal Collection - we spoke to brand founder and creative director Alice McMullin to find out more. She details the inspirations for her new pieces and also reveals her best interior styling tips.


Tell us about the collection. Does it have a name?

We have just launched a four-part limited edition capsule series which has been designed to complement the 'Tidal Collection'. This capsule collection includes some beautiful pieces such as our handcrafted ceramic lamps, candle holder sets and soft furnishing and vessels.

We are also really proud of our new ‘Tidal Collection’ that we think represents our aspirations to continuously challenge ourselves to design and produce timeless pieces. We were inspired by the natural ebb and flow of water and seasons that you’ll see in some of our visual design cues.



What inspired the range? What gives you your creative energy?

I’m continuously in awe of the simplicity and timelessness of 1960s minimalism era design that is just as innovative as it was back then, with designers like Ludwig Miles Van Der Rohe, Lily Reich and the huge body of architecture that pioneered simple, yet considered design principles.



If you had to pick just three things to spend on in a living room, what would you pick to make the biggest difference?

Lamps are really under-appreciated, they offer both a interesting design feature as well as ambient lighting that can really enhance a mood in the room, my current favourite is the Hubert Lamp.

I also have an unhealthy addiction to vintage portraiture as it can really add a touch of history, intrigue and character.

Finally, I’d say floor mirrors can enhance a living room by reflecting natural light and creating an impression of space.


What's your favourite interior styling advice?

Less is always more, people often overcomplicate spaces to keep up with our complicated lives... but we need do the complete opposite. Our homes are a place we should feel the most at peace.


What are the best and easiest ways to elevate an interior?

Colours, textures and emotions are closely linked, which should really be the foundation of any interior space.



What is your favourite interior trend of the moment?

Soft curves that intrigue the eye.


What interior piece never goes out of style?

Ceramic vessels have been in our homes and marketplaces for centuries. They’re both practical and distinctive - like this one.


How do you balance style and functionality?

With two children under five, I’m still mastering this one! I think comfort has a huge role in this balancing act and your home should feel personal to you.


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