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Light em up – sculptural lamps to decorate your home

It’s no secret that our current list of obsessions includes colourful homewares, vintage furniture finds, artful creative candles and those simple yet effective ways to improve our spaces without breaking our bond. The interior home fascination has long been around, yet thanks to the current times and that one friend who won’t leave the party (isolation), we have more room and time to add joy into our homes. An easy and decorative way to add warmth, light and even just an art piece into a space is with lighting. That’s why this week we wanted to highlight sculptural and ceramic lamps that double as art pieces. Below are some of our favourites.


Sophie Davies

Currently based in Sydney, Sophie Davies is an interior designer with a special eye. After always searching for unique and beautiful pieces for her clients, Davies found that sourcing lamps was always a challenge. She then found herself sketching out ideas, which is how the first Twister Table Lamp came to be. An incredible sculptural plaster piece with a natural chalky finish and vintage feel. She also created a big sister that is the Twister Floor Lamp, an elongated version that is bound to create a bold statement in any room. Each piece is made to order and crafted by skilled artisans in Melbourne. An enticing curvaceous form with a delicate play on light.



Sarah Nedovic

After combining her love of design and sculpture along with the practicality of lighting a space, Melbourne based textile designer Sarah Nedovic began creating sculptural lamps of clay only two years ago. Forever drawn to the timeless art form of ceramics, each lamp is handmade by Nedovic, meaning every piece is unique, with its own imperfections and undone character. Though they all come with a distinct artful signature, from jagged shapes or fluid forms in colours from cream, black and even burnt orange. A Sarah Nedovic lamp is a practical art piece to cherish forever.



Kassandra Thatcher

Based in New York, Kassandra Thatcher is the ceramic lighting and sculpture artist stealing our hearts. Her ongoing exploration of unique table lamps means the creation of cult worthy pieces such as the Circle Loop Lamp, Oblong Loop Lamp, Hepworth Lamp and my personal favourite, the Equus Lamp. Inspired by the curves and connections of the physical body, each piece is unique and made to order. I’ll take one of each please.



Future Collective

Your home of sculptural statement furniture all designed and handmade in Australia. Future Collective is an exploration of organic forms and textures, inspired by iconic modern design. Each piece brings with it a certain caveman quirk, all impeccably created and hand carved by local sculptors. The Monolith Lamp is a stand out piece and not one to shy away from. An incredibly large (very big) sculptural lamp with structured fabric shade. This is a stand out piece to be the hero in any room.



Curated Spaces

You know the name by now, we speak of them religiously. Purveyors of some of the most sought after varied vintage and mid-century pieces we know, Curated Spaces will always be the safe haven we return to. With what seems like a never-ending supply of lighting (vintage pleated and ceramic lamps), you won’t be strapped for choice. All shapes and sizes are welcome, you just need to be savvy and keep your eye out for those weekly drops. Word of advice, be sure to measure your space first.


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Image Credits: @sophie.davies.interiors; @sarah.nedovic: @kassandraaaa: @future_collective; @curated_spaces.