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10 gorgeous sculptural lamps we’re obsessed with right now

Ask any of your homewares-obsessed friends – there isn't anything as important as some sultry mood lighting. Sure, you can fill your home to the brim with colourful homewares, vintage furniture finds, artful creative candles, but it's all a bit redundant, really, if you're looking at it under stark white overhead lighting that makes your space look more like the interiors of a hospital than a home. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to elevate your space – and lamps don't have to be expensive to be cool! Sure, we all want to fill our homes with Tiffany Wisteria lamps, but that's probably not feasible for the vast majority of us. That’s why this week we wanted to highlight some of our favourite cool and sculptural lamps to elevate your space.


1. IKEA table lamp, TÄLLBYN

We would be remiss of us to talk about gorgeous, sculptural lamps that add character to your home without taking about an IKEA lamp. One of our current picks is the TÄLLBYN, a nickel-plated, opal white glass topped beauty that simultaneously stands out and melts into any room decor. Its built is art deco at heart, offering a little retro flair to your space that won't date.


2. HAY Pao Portable Lamp

Our other favourite Scandi homewares pit-stop is none other than HAY, who have recently opened brick-and-mortar locations in both Melbourne and Sydney. The Pao lamp is named for its soft, glowing shape – which mimics the silhouette of a traditional Mongolian 'Pao' tent. The lamp was created in collaboraiton with the Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa, who favours a modest and simple aesthetic, creating everyday objet d'arts that reflect the beauty of the natural world. Constructed from polycarbonate, with a smooth, high-gloss finish, the Pao lamp is compact and battery-operated, meaning you can take it with you around the house or garden with ease. There are also a bunch of fun colours to choose from.


3. Fenton & Fenton Bora Lamp

Take a mind vacation with the addition of this Fenton & Fenton Bora Lamp in Natural (it also comes in Terracotta). Texturally, it's reminiscent of a Polynesian holiday – perhaps your most recent pit-stop in Bali, or a family vacation to its namesake, Bora Bora – but it's also got a contemporary feel to it; slender-bodied with a conical lampshade.


4. BOUGIE 'The Nesso' Replica Lamp

This mid-century mood-maker is a replica of the original mushroom light designed in 1964 at the height of the Space Age by Italian designer Giancarlo Mattioli. This one is made from a fairly sturdy acrylic, and shares the delightfully candy-sweet silhouette of the original. Channel your inner Don Draper sitting by one of these, Old Fashioned in hand.


5. FREEDOM Cosh Table Lamp

Freedom Furniture's Cosh Table Lamp is probably the most adorable lamp on the market – and definitely feels like a budget-friendly option for adding a little extra touch to any room. It's available in black, white, and a myriad of contemporary colourways like ice blue, earth red, or this olive green option pictured. They certainly don't omit a tonne of light (probably not ideal for a large room or office situation), but they certainly offer the perfect low-lit ambience for an evening spent bedside or watching movies in the living room. They also look like an adorable little mushroom, too.



6. IKEA BASTUA LED Lantern, Battery-Operated White

We couldn't help but to include another IKEA lighting option in our list – this time in the form of this Japanese-inspired battery-operated paper lantern. It's transportable, meaning that you can bring it with you wherever you need a little extra atmosphere.


7. REPLICA FURNITURE Orange Atollo Bedside Lamp

While we always want to save and purchase for the 'real deal', sometimes the replica can be just as good. This neon orange Atollo Bedside Lamp (a replica of the original designed by Vico Magistretti in the 1970s) is one such example, offering a hit of colour in any room without looking too out of place. But if orange isn't your hue, you can also purchase it in black, white, grey or yellow.


8. SOPHIE DAVIES Twister Lamp Base

Currently based in Sydney, Sophie Davies is an interior designer with a special eye. After always searching for unique and beautiful pieces for her clients, Davies found that sourcing lamps was always a challenge. She then found herself sketching out ideas, which is how the first Twister Table Lamp came to be – an incredible sculptural plaster piece with a natural chalky finish and vintage feel. She also created a big sister that is the Twister Floor Lamp, an elongated version that is bound to create a bold statement in any room. Each piece is made to order and crafted by skilled artisans in Melbourne. An enticing curvaceous form with a delicate play on light.


9. ISAMU NOGUCHI Vitra Akari 24N Table Lamp

It wouldn't be a wrap-up of sculptural lighting if we didn't mention at least one of Isamu Noguchi's iconic paper lanterns. They can be a little hard to come by in the wild here in Aus, but you can get your hands on a select few options via Saloon Store, Provider Store, or online from Finnish Design Store. This 24N Table Lamp is a curvaceous and simple in the most sensual of ways – a perfect addition to any room of the house.


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Images courtesy of brands.