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20 pieces to add to your home for that Parisian apartment feel

what to buy parisian interiors

International borders may be open, but you shouldn't have to dismount at Charles de Gaulle Airport for a slice of Parisian life. Many of us are just one gilded mirror away from simulating it in our own homes. Sure, we've all spent a little too much time indoors recently to be swayed into staying any longer. But for a lot of us, that ticket to Europe is a lot less financially viable than investing in a few key pieces that will switch up the feel of our homes entirely. Because despite what people tell you, doing as the French do is really quite achievable.

For starters, there's a few design rules to stick to for maximum French interior style. A blank canvas, helped along by a lick of white paint and mismatched timber are an ideal place to start. Aside from that, it all comes down to the decor. Fresh flowers and candlesticks are the obvious additions. But what about the less so? Below, we bring you a roundup of what to buy if you're ready to lean into Parisian interior decor.




A VISUAL DIARY, Francois Halard


HERMON BLUE Ritual Candelabra & Neptune Sticks


Fresh Flowers


BEN MAZEY Line Stacked Lamp


IN BED 100% Linen Tablecloth


DIPTYQUE Figuier Candle



THONET No. 18 Bentwood Chairs

ESPRO French Press


HEIMUR Wallace Room Divider





what to buy parisian interiors


EN GOLD Orilla Coffee Table

what to buy parisian interiors


FAZEEK Vice Versa Carafe

what to buy parisian interiors



ETSY Gilded Mirrors

what to buy parisian interiors


SABRE Bistrot Cutlery

what to buy parisian interiors


what to buy parisian interiors


Linen Curtains

what to buy parisian interiors


EN GOLD Shell Dish

what to buy parisian interiors

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