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5 eco-friendly cleaning brands for you and your home


For obvious reasons, cleaning products are in high demand right now. Dettol is likely having the best year of its life, as is bleach. As we all do our part to try and tackle COVID-19, it is likely our waste output has increased. We are using single-use wipes, gloves, masks and more to protect ourselves from the virus. But what happens when you’re doing your best to stay eco-friendly amid all this? At the end of the day, the only thing we know for sure that effectively kills virus strains such as COVID-19 is 70% or higher isopropyl, ethanol, and warm soapy water for hands, but after the strong stuff is used for the essentials, and we are keeping the house extra clean, we’ve rounded up our favourite eco-friendly options, below.


Koala Eco


Koala Eco has a full range of household cleaning items based on high concentrations of essential oils from native Australian plants. Their antibacterial and disinfectant formulas are biodegradable, grey water and septic tank safe and are free of synthetic perfumes, chlorine, bleach, sulphates and phosphates. Their packaging is refillable too, so reducing the amount of packaging used to clean is accessible.


Eco Store


Another brand built on plant-based ingredients. Eco Store has a myriad of household cleaning items that are effective antibacterial cleaners that kill common household germs and bacteria. Their ingredients are all safe for the environment and packaging is made of renewable sugar cane plastic which is 100% recyclable.


Earth Choice


An extremely affordable and accessible cleaning option. Earth choice is founded on the idea that being environmentally friendly shouldn’t have to make a large dent in your wallet if it doesn’t have to. With all packaging made from 100% recycled plastic (which is in-turn recyclable), their products are greywater and septic tank safe, CCf accredited, and 100% plant-based.


Bondi Wash


A chic and local option. Bondi Wash is a scent-forward company with a strong value set around natural ingredients and sustainable practices. Many of their products are lab tested to confirm they kill 99.99% of germs including the flu virus, and if that doesn’t get you shopping, the packaging probably will.


Murchison Hume


With an entire range of plant-based household products from kitchen, bathroom, laundry, pet and hand and skincare, Murchison Hume has you covered literally from top to bottom. With natural fragrances that will make you want to mist yourself with your bathroom cleaner, their range is built on all the good stuff: recyclable and recycled packaging, safe and effective, biodegradable, non-animal tested, and septic safe.