Summer comforts: Why now is the perfect time to reintroduce Pyjama Dressing into our wardrobe

Pyjama Dressing: The chicest daytime comfort pieces for summer

There's something liberating about wearing innerwear as outerwear – and we're exceptionally excited to see pyjamas make their way into the fashion lexicon more than a few times this year. From the Tekla-donning Copenhagen girls of the internet, to the beautiful Japanese linens of Deiji Studios' loungewear and the gorgeous silky sets courtesy of Australia's own Silk Laundry, the trend is certainly not limited by geography – only by one's imagination on how to style the pieces.

The trend is at once chic and laidback, the kind of outfit that screams a lackadaisical, devil-may-care attitude. It's the sartorial equivalent to bed hair – I more literal take on the 'I just woke up like this' aesthetic. With summer now ripening in the southern hemisphere, we've taken dressing for the weather as yet another excuse to stay on this cosy train.

With that said, we will be the first to tell you that striking the balance is still important. There is no need to compromise on style in lieu of staying comfortable. Whether is a cotton t-shirt, a silk vest, or a pair of linen pants, making an impact is still very much feasible here. Consider this your excuse to take floaty, drapey dressing to the next level and consider investing in some pieces to elevate your post-WFH attire. We've compiled a list of some of our favourite relaxed pyjama outfits of the season to sport when getting dressed up has lost its charm.

We'll be wearing these all summer long...

1. DEIJI STUDIOS 03 Set in Field Check

2. TEKLA Boro Stripes Pants

3. SILK LAUNDRY 90s Slip Dress in Hazelnut

4. SLEEPER Feather-Trimmed Crepe de Chine Pyjama Set

5. FRIENDS WITH FRANK Willa Pant in Macadamia Silk

6. CELINE Boxers in Striped Silk

7. PETER ALEXANDER Khaki Mulberry Silk Shortie PJ Set

8. BONDS Woven Boxers YDG

9. IN BED Linen Pants in Kohl

10. GUCCISilk-Satin Jacquard Shirt

If you're still wanting more summer favourites you can find a roundup of our top picks from our editors here. Or in the mood for a little food and wine to go along with your comfy summer fair? Check out some of our suggestions here for all things local dining.

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