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Summer blaze: The RUSSH editors share the summer fashion pieces we can’t get enough of

summer 2021 fashion pieces

You haven't quite experienced true summer until you've lived through the scorching rays Down Under. As with all Australian seasons, the weather is unpredictable – bikinis and sarongs one minute, pouring rain and outrageous humidity the next. Which, as you might imagine, makes for an interesting time where fashion is concerned. Thankfully, us RUSSH editors get it. As true Aussie summer battlers through and through, we've got a fair idea of the summer fashion pieces that you will love, and actually enjoy this 2021 season.

As we head deeper into the thick of it all, we're sharing a first-hand look into the pieces that have made the final cut on our wishlists. From cowboy boots to the slinkiest of metallic bikinis, trucker hats and some major bling moments, these are the summer 2021 fashion pieces the RUSSH editors are coveting.


Megan Nolan

Digital operations manager

summer 2021 fashion pieces


With Christmas and summer coinciding here in Australia my summer wish list also happens to be my Christmas wish list (take note family and friends). 

Firstly, some new swimwear (obviously). Isa Boulder has been on my list for long enough that I’m finally ready to commit. Preferably worn with thigh high boots or cowboy boots which are also very high on my list for this summer. 

I’ve also spent all year stuck in lockdown craving bling so I’m currently convincing family members that I need this Sarah & Sebastian ear cuff. Complete the look with a pair of white jeans (I’ve finally found the PERFECT pair from Levi’s) and an incredible Alienina bag and I’ll officially be summer ready. 


Lucienne Bambridge

Brand & campaigns coordinator

Summer season just so happens to be festive season for those of us on this side of the globe; so for me it’s a time to take stock of party essentials whether they be day or night. 

A Dior Saddle Pouch because I like to travel luxuriously light, and who could forgo a shape more classic than the Dior Saddle. Just a hint of that iconic curve, but in a more subdued form, this pouch is exactly the size and shape I need.

Swimmers from Sir, because where else? I love this pair in particular, as I can see myself throwing on some wide legged pants and heels to take my day from swim to soirée.

And of course, a touch of bling, because after all, if you can’t sparkle in the holiday season when can you? The Swarovski Mesmera Cocktail Ring set is a must. 


Teressia Carr


summer 2021 fashion pieces


This summer I want to be living in baby tees and vintage Von Dutch trucker hats. As well as probably falling for my urge to get tooth gems and bleach my eyebrows. Some of my favourite tees right now are from Heaven by Marc Jacobs and Realisation Par, and you’ll find me on Depop searching to live out my Paris Hilton fantasy most days.

This is my second summer living by the beach, so Mirror Palais swimwear and more Emma Mulholland on Holiday linen “pyjamas”, that I most definitely wear in public, will be my uniform for days spent by the water.

Last but not least, I always have a film camera of sorts with me, either a 35mm or polaroid. The Hello Kitty Instax is a must for me to add to the collection and indulge in my adorably-tacky aesthetic. 


Ella Jane

Content editor


It is the summer of sex, and after being cooped up inside for a third of the year, being hot has never felt more urgent. With this in mind, the microkini is a must. This string of a thing is by Oserée, and likely does a pathetic job of covering just about anything, which is what makes it so good. Extra points for Y2K sparkles done ironically well.

Beyond the most inappropriate swim money can buy, I am but a simple girl. A good pair of trousers and a tank top will last me seasons. This summer, i’ll be straying from a racerback rib to a more femme option, like this Vaillant Studio camisole. As for pants, Weyhe has a low-slung pair I’ve been eyeing off for some time.


Mia Steiber

Digital content director

summer 2021 fashion pieces

Summer is the season that I come alive. So, naturally there are a few things on my list. I ostensibly didn’t buy anything new during the pandemic - save for a couple of pairs of trackpants and socks. As such, I’m very excited to make a few new, very calculated and sage purchases for now and into the future.

Obviously with November comes my annual purchasing of new Realisation Par dresses. The Teale in Rouge Fleur and The Ozzie in Pansy will be joining the ranks shortly. Nobody Denim’s Piper Skirt is next on the list. If you’ve been reading my Christmas gift guides, you’ve probably noticed I have a particular penchant for these lace-up Bottega Veneta heels.

And finally, if Posse does consider restocking this stunning dress, it will be added to cart immediately.


Jasmine Pirovic

Digital writer


I am finally ready to join my boyfriend on his endless overnight hikes, and while summer is probably not the best season for it, you have to start somewhere. So far all I’ve managed to decide on is this bandanna from Japanese brand Kapital, which will come in handy on a hike, but also double as my summer sun protection (a pipedream with this gaping o-zone layer). I’ve also got my eyes on the Danner Mountain Light hiking boots that were made famous by Reese Witherspoon in Wild for good reason - they’re robust and will keep your ankles supported.

Aside from those however, I’m in agreement with Ella. If Y2K is back, this summer I’m letting it all hang out. Think of it as a kind of trauma therapy from the exclusive sizing and body shaming endured in the early aughts. That means microkinis like this one from Oserée and this Gil Rodriguez tank. I’m also kinda into bringing the ballerina wrap top back (Bloch only) and I’ll be switching up my tooth gems for something colourful à la this flower combo

Honestly, it’s a work in progress.



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