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Artist Weronika Anna Marianna on female power and why life is really fun, even when it sucks

Weronika Anna Marianna is a creative in every way. But for her, creativity is about the ability to play. It's about experimenting and making a mess in order to find something real and authentic. A self-confessed overthinker, in order to stay creative, she'd rather switch off her screens and go for a walk than chase down her inspiration. Her art examines the female form, something which needs to come about organically.

In honour of Mother's Day Weronika teamed up with Glasshouse Fragrances for An Ode to Women; a powerful celebration of womanhood and diverse bodies, where she created bespoke artwork to adorn a signature candle. In honour of the collaboration, we connected with her to talk about all things art and what keeps her inspired. Below, she shares her personal heroes and the advice she'd give to her younger self.


What's the first thing we should know about you?

I am a painter, animator and illustrator. I am a nerd, searcher and overthinker.


What inspires you and your work?

I find everyday life a very inspiring experience, even the most mundane activities are somehow mythical. Inner lives of people, animals and plants are all intertwined, and I love to explore these intersections in my work.


How do you stay creative?

For me, creativity is the ability to play. I often forget that, and then I’ll direct myself to make useless or 'ugly' things, to detach from expectations, just experiment. Flipping the usual upside down always works wonders, even if it starts with a mess first. In my case it’s stepping away from my usual practice and techniques and turning to something new: watercolours, collaging, embroidery, playing music. Also going for a walk and staying off screen is both beneficial and scary.


Tell us about your collaboration with Glasshouse Fragrances? Why is it special to you?

Mother’s Day is a beautiful celebration of womanhood and female power. I believe many people sense maternal energy in their lives, towards their friends, the Earth, animals or themselves. That’s why I love that the illustrations for Glasshouse Fragrances are a celebration of diverse bodies emerged in fauna and flora.


What is your creative process like?

Writing and thinking is a wonderful warm up for visual work, I often start with words before I move on to images. Then, a lot of sketching follows, and usually the first ideas are the right direction all along.


What advice would you give to your younger self?

Follow your excitement and your heart, it knows best. Don’t waste your time on pleasing anyone, teachers, parents, friends or social media audience. Be tender and loving to yourself. Celebrate little victories. Dream. Life is really fun, even when it sucks.


Who is your personal hero?

I admire people who lead authentic lives, following their inner callings. Intuitive artists such as Minnie Evans (look this lady up!) are my soul sisters. Also, members of marginalised communities are my modern-day heroes.



Do you have any words to live by?

Something I tell myself often: we are all facing a lot of inner wars, small and big; I believe that if we recognise that in each other, we have a chance to be less alone.


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Images: Weronika Anna Marianna