An honest wedding week beauty diary from a beauty editor

This is not the first time I've written about bridal beauty (I feel it comes with the territory when you're a beauty editor). But it is the first and only time I'll recount all the hair, skin and body stuff I did the week prior.

In my mind, I thought I'd be a picture of glowing health in the lead-up: hydrated, consuming lots of greens, toned thanks to Pilates and an elaborate dry body brushing regime. But the reality was a little different. Yes, I spent lots of effort making myself look better than usual, but I ate mostly cheese and drank as much Champagne as I did water. I think I made it to one Pilates class the week of (lol) and didn't dry brush once. But the pressure on brides to look perfect is crazy, and I didn't want to get too lost in it.

With that being said, here's an honest account of what I did and didn't do because I know it's a lot to think about and I'm all about sharing.


Anthony Nader trimmed my hair a fortnight out. He's been cutting my bob for seven years — people with bobs will know that a good shape is crucial. We went for the usual blunt edge, with just a little bit of length so I could put in a proper wave. I don't colour my hair, so all I had to do was pluck out the obvious greys.

As for home care, I'm prone to a dry scalp and it's worse in summer, so I used Head & Shoulders. I supplemented shine with the Davines Oi Butter Mask. It is the best hair mask for every hair type, even baby-soft, greasy hair like mine. The morning of, I shampooed, skipped conditioner as I often do and scrunched in a little bit of Oribe Tres Set Structure Spray. It's incredible for hold and bounce. I then lightly dried my hair off with the Dyson Supersonic (yes, I packed my own dryer) and pinned it back with these flat hair clips I got on Amazon. I let my stylist Serena take over from that point. She added a perfect soft bend, and added volume with the Oribe Dry Texture Spray.

I didn't really touch it up too much during the wedding, but I wish I added some dry shampoo (I touch my hair a lot and combined with the heat, the front pieces got a little greasy) but otherwise I just kept a comb in my bag to diffuse any tangles and ensure my waves were uniform.


I actually booked myself a double session with my osteopath the week of, as well as a full body massage at Venustus (my version of heaven on Earth). I get a lot of tightness in my neck and back, so it was a welcome way to ease some of the nervous tension.

My dress was backless and my arms were exposed, so I was very invested in body exfoliation. My initial plans to dry brush fell over, so instead I used the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads. I know this is indulgent as they're technically for your face but I had lots at home and they work so well. Also, they're quick! I applied them to my back, shoulders and arms every night the week of.

The wedding day weather forecast looked hot, so I opted out of a spray tan as I knew it would just transfer. Instead I used St Tropez tanning drops in my Augustinus Bader Body Cream for the two consecutive nights before the wedding. This method affords a nice glow but there's no risk involved. The chances of stuffing it up or making a mess are slim to none. The night before, I also had a bath with a generous glug of my all time favourite bath oil (this one by Susanne Kauffman).

I initially planned to do a yoga flow the morning of (HA). This didn't happen, but I did fit in a swim. I also managed some deep breathing in the shower and a quick stretch. I was a bit concerned about being bloated – my dress was slim fitting – so also took two Zilch Debloat capsules before bed. I'm a big believer in Traditional Chinese Medicine and find these work really well. I take the skin clearing formula religiously and have for years.

As for body skin, I slathered on the Nécessaire Body Serum while I was still damp from the shower, and locked it in the with aforementioned Bader cream. I was tempted to use a body oil (I packed a shimmery Tom Ford one with all intentions to use it) but my desire to stay clean trumped my desire to be glossy.

Hilariously the thing that stressed me out the most was deodorant. I needed something that could stand up against January temperatures and wedding day anxiety! Turns out, such a formula doesn't exist. But the Dove Invisible Dry I used did an okay job.


I didn't give myself a lot of time to overhaul my skin, so I kept it simple. A fortnight out, I had Pico Laser at Melanie Grant. I've had it a few times before, but immediately after I was quite pink — I panicked! The girls talked me down and – as expected – come wedding day my skin looked visibly brighter and more even. I also had a treatment at Rationale a few days out to dial up glow and hydration. Outside of this, I kept my at-home routine to products I know and love. I was consistent with my at-home Dr Dennis Gross LED mask, used a sheet mask the night before (I love the Estée Lauder one) and ice rolled my face the morning of. Under makeup, I prepped with Rationale #2 The Light Creme and a little bit of the La Mer Face Oil. I meant to use eye patches at some point, but true to form I forgot!


I have seen brides spend months trialling colour combinations to ensure a flawless wedding manicure. I really admire this. But I'm a creature of habit/scared of making decisions so I only ever opt for two 'looks' when I get my nails done: OPI Malaga Wine or OPI Put It In Neutral + Bare My Soul (one coat of each and sealed with a clear top coat). Sheer nude is hard but this colour combination works perfectly with my skin tone. It's not overly offensive as it grows out, either. I also only ever do gel manicures (note these OPI shades come in regular polish and in-salon gel, the type that's cured under a UV lamp).

Any nail salon that stocks OPI should have the above shades as they're pretty popular. I did the neutral combo on my fingers, and Malaga Wine on my toes. A short squoval shape, always. I would have loved to do my nails the day before but logistics didn't allow, so I went on Tuesday morning for the Friday wedding. And if you're Sydney based and want a recommendation, I just can't quit USA Nails in Bellevue Hill.


A quick note on wedding fragrance! I did the whole 'choose a wedding scent' thing and I'm so glad I did. It's like a time capsule of the day. I wear a lot of Frederic Malle in my normal life so looked towards the house for 'the one' and it ended up being Musc Ravageur.

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Shop The Collection An honest wedding week beauty diary from a beauty editor


Shop The Collection An honest wedding week beauty diary from a beauty editor

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Shop The Collection An honest wedding week beauty diary from a beauty editor

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Shop The Collection An honest wedding week beauty diary from a beauty editor


Shop The Collection An honest wedding week beauty diary from a beauty editor

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Shop The Collection An honest wedding week beauty diary from a beauty editor