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How to do pilates at home – with no fancy workout equipment needed

Let's be real – gym memberships these days are expensive, and one of the first things to go from our budgets when tightening those purse strings. While we can always appreciate investing in our personal health and wellbeing – both mentally and physically – we're often reminded that the ability to exercise is free, should we choose to double down on it.

Pilates is fast becoming one of the most sought-after gym classes, beloved for its low-impact nature, and ability to deliver results fast. But while everyone can't afford – or physically fit – a reformer pilates machine into their lives and homes, you can do a lot of pilates workouts with no equipment, and in small spaces.

There are plenty of creators online that we think do an excellent job of putting together no-equipment pilates exercises for the spend-thrift or the minimalists amongst us. So below, we've rounded up some of our favourite no equipment pilates workouts you can do at home.


1. Lidia Mera's 10-minute everyday hourglass workout

Length: 10 minutes

Mera's TikTok and YouTube presence covers a range of easy-to-follow workouts that you can do without specialised pilates equipment, or knowledge. Her 10-minute everyday workout is an easy way to dip your toes into the world of pilates at home, without having to dedicate an hour or more to the practice.


  2. Move with Nicole 30 Min Full Body Workout

Length: 30 minutes

Move with Nicole's pilates videos offer a wide range of workout options – whether you're looking to target a certain part of the body, or simply get an over-all workout in. Nicole's half-hour-long videos are a great introduction to at-home pilates, and challenging in all the right ways.


3. Sanne Vloet 24 Min Pilats Flow to Improve Posture

Length: 24 minutes

Vloet is a former Victoria's Secret model – so we trust her when it comes to working out. This 24-minute pilates flow on her YouTube channel is aimed at improving your posture and is well-structured to create the perfect mix of strength and stretch. The best part? You don't need much space, or any equipment.


4. Well+Good 10 Minute Full Body Pilates

Length: 10 minutes

Pilates trainer Chloe de Winter's series of 10 minute workouts on Well+Good's channel offer quick but effective workouts you can do anywhere, at any time. It's all about quality over quantity for de Winter, so you'll feel the heat even though the length is short.


5. Callie Jardine's 10 Minute Beginner Pilates Routine

Length: 10 minutes

If the world of pilates feels overwhelming as a beginner, Callie Jardine's channel is a calm and easy. Jardine's incorporation of positive affirmations and slow pacing ensure that you feel motivated both mentally and physically throughout your workout – no matter where you're at.


6. Fluidform's gentle postpartum movement guide

Length: 15 minutes

Kirsten King of Fluidform Pilates gave RUSSH her 15-minute guide to gentle, postpartum movement for new mothers. King says postpartum pilates should be focussed on gentle and steady movement – and that everyone's journey through it will look different.


7. @thealignedstudio on TikTok

@thealignedstudio pilates exercises to target the deep abdominals #pilates #deepcoreexercises #pilatesabs #pilatescore #pilatesbody #pilatesgirl #pilatesforeverybody #pilatestips ♬ you and me rivo remix - Rivo

Lucy is a certified stott pilates instructor on TikTok who creates short workout videos for all your at-home pilates needs. Sure, you'll need to scroll through some of her reformer workouts, but there's plenty of equipment-free workouts on her page too.


8. @alaybowker on TikTok

@alaybowkerrepeat circuit 3x !!! this is what has worked for me! try it out & let me know what u think ❤️♬ original sound - Kaylee

Alay's TikTok account is a plethora of workout inspiration – from no equipment at home pilates workout guides to the kinds of snacks she recommends eating before and after a session.


9. @thepilatesclass on TikTok

@thepilatesclass 4 Moves To Help Relieve Sore Wrist 🤍 ##thepilatesclass##ypfッ♡♡##sorewrists ♬ Back On 74 - Jungle

This account is a wellspring of knowledge around pilates at home, and taking care of your body. Get recipes, stretching techniques and quick-and-easy pilates instructional videos.


10. @gochlo_pilates on TikTok

@gochlo_pilates Proving that you don’t need equipment to do a killer Pilates workout! Follow for more at home workouts #pilates #physiotherapy #pilatesbody #pilateslovers #pilatesgirls #pilatestiktok #lowimpactexercise #pilatesinstructor #pilatesworkout #pilatesmoves ♬ original sound - darcy stokes

Chloe has been a physio and a pilates instructor for a decade, so her advice comes with some weight. Her at-home workouts are simple, and a great way to spice up your usual routine. She'll walk you through common mistakes beginners make, and tailors some of her videos for different concerns, and types of sportspeople (i.e. cyclists).


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