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Watch the exclusive premiere of Ainslie Wills’s live performance of ‘Clear Air After the Storm’

Brewing in parallel, pretending everything was fine.

In celebration of the release of singer-songwriter Ainslie Willis's new album, All You Have Is All You NeedRUSSH premieres an exclusive live version of Clear Air After the Storm. The emotional track, Wills explains, explores "that beautiful feeling after a storm has passed, all the dust has settled, everything seems to have more clarity and there’s a richness in the colours of the atmosphere".

"This is used as a metaphor to describe the feeling after an argument with a loved one. It’s a high pressure intense situation during the storm and then this unbelievable calm and ease afterwards. Those moments are sometimes the scariest but lead to so much insight and growth within a relationship."

Wills will kick off her national album tour at Brisbane's Black Bear Lodge on August 28, Sydney's The Lansdowne Hotel on August 29 and Melbourne's Howler on August 30.