What the ‘RUSSH’ Editors were watching, reading and listening to in April

A big month for new releases, but also a fabulous month of old favourites. As the cooler weather settles in, we've been finding more time to curl up with comfort shows and dive into new-to-market books.

Here's what we were watching, reading and listening to in April.


Cassandra Dimitroff

Production Editor

Watch… Luca Guadagnino’s Challengers (highly entertaining, sexy and will make you want to pick up a racket); BoJack Horseman (yes, I know I am late to the game on this one – it’s equal parts dry wit and gut-wrenching emotion, and I have cried at least twice).

Read… Antiquity by Hanna Johansson (about 3/4 the way through so far, would recommend for fans of Call Me By Your Name, Lolita or who just want to read about a summer spent eating fruit on a Greek island); News & Reviews Substack from Bri Lee (like having your smartest friend give you their hottest takes on the news); The Work by Bri Lee (it’s been a Bri Lee kind of month and I devoured her debut novel about art, ambition and love).

Listen… The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess by Chapell Roan (Kate Bush x Madonna vibes – I’m obsessed and so is the internet after her Coachella set); Quiet the Room by Skullcrusher (sounds like it would be hardcore, but actually is haunting and nostalgic); 12 Essential by Sofia Coppola (sonic journey through the mind of one of my favourite directors).


Karen Leong

Art & Culture Writer  

Watch…  I’m still nursing the One Day remake shaped hole in my heart. But approaching on my rewatch list is Mika Minagawa’s Helter Skelter (2012), as well as Sex and the City season 5 - which I’m blitzing through. Carrie’s chic novelist arc holds a sweet spot for too many reasons to count. 

Read… I’ve just finished Edenglassie by Melissa Lucashenko, it’s searing and necessary literature for everyone. It is also incredibly gutsy and funny. Next on the list: Eve Babitz’s Eve’s Hollywood, recommended by a dear friend, who sold me with this: “You’re just like her.” 

Listen…  I’ve been putting Air’s Moon Safari on every night before bed. Other notables I’ve been rinsing with unwavering devotion are an AKA Lizzy Grant/ Lana track by the name of Put Me in a Movie, and Summer Walker’s Circus. For a real descent into winter -- listen to Shangri-La's Past, Present and Future



Mia Steiber

Digital Strategy Director & Associate Publisher

Watch… I finally am ready to start Yellow Jackets season 2. I adored Season 1. A little too much. I binged watched it in a week. And I simply have not had the time to watch multiple hours of television in one sitting - until now. The one benefit of the cooler weather setting in. I’m also very keen to get to the cinema to see both Challengers and also the second instalment of The Dry.

Read… I’m back into mysteries at the moment, and I’ve picked up an old comfort read, Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. Although the story itself is not exactly comforting, I love the experience of finding new details in old favourites. I also have a copy of Winnie Dunn’s Dirt Poor Islanders sitting in my parcel locker, which I need to pick up this week.

Listen… I’ve actually been finding a lot of my new music on TikTok recently. I came across a band called Archers that is very much my vibe. Also, my partner got me a great stream of Lana’s Coachella set which I’ve listened to the whole way through three times so far. 



Samantha Corry

Assistant to Editor In Chief

Watch… I recently watched Challengers twice now actually, once at the Sydney premiere, and I could not recommend it enough. I despise Zendaya’s character (never thought i would say that) but also really want to be her?? Luca Guadagnino has done it again, seriously perfect the film is. I also saw Sweet East, directed by Sean Prince William at a preview screening. It was definitely an adventure in that film, definitely recommend that one too. I also started watching HeartBreak High, season 1, and it’s very good.

Read… It’s another month of just reading Letterboxd reviews for me.

Listen…I needed a new podcast and Isabelle Truman (our RUSSH contributor Editor) and Grace O'Neill's one called After Work Drinks, is so good. Especially if you’re interested in the fashion industry and enjoy cultural commentary-they have great conversations. Also, this won’t be a surprise but I have been listening to Royel Otis, which is how I discovered their recent cover of Linger by The Cranberries.


Olivia Repaci

Creative Studio & Campaigns Manager

Watch… Happily enjoying all the new cinema releases such as Dune Part 2 and Challengers (although I didn’t rewatch Dune Part 1 before seeing the new one and I feel that was a mistake). On the TV front, I like to relax with a mix of old and new favourites - Grey's Anatomy Season 20 (!!!), Heartbreak High Season 2 and good old fashioned Sex and the City for background noise.

Read… My inbox has been popping off with emails so that's all I am reading right now. I know, booooo.

Listen… I discovered Chappell Roan via Coachella TikToks and she fits right in with my roster of sad girl music so she’s in the rotation. Another win on this front is the new album from Lizzy McAlpine; making my way through and currently obsessed with the song Vortex.


Stacey Gaskin

Consumer Revenue Manager

Watch, Read, Listen April 2024Watch… Nothing groundbreaking has been on my small screen this month and I’m yet to make a trip to my local cinema for Challengers which is on my to do list. I have binged all available episodes of The Circle on Netflix though. A dose of lighthearted reality TV once every now and then is important, me thinks.

Read… I’m new to fan fiction, but Mannacled was recommended to me by a friend and once I started it, I used every spare second I had in reading it. It had me in a chokehold for a few days and now I’m (willingly) stuck in a Hermione and Draco spiral.

Listen… Forgive me for being basic but I’ve been deep in Taylor Swift's new album (and I love it).


Emily Algar

Beauty Editor 

Watch… I re-watched Basic Instinct the other weekend and was reminded that Sharon Stone is the perfect woman. The movie is chaotic but the fashion is excellent — Khaite coded, maybe? My sister and I also had a conversation recently about how you can tell a lot about a person by their favourite Kirsten Dunst film. Her pick was The Virgin Suicides, mine was Bring It On. That’s probably all you need to know about us. I’ll be watching both post-deadline next week! 

Read… I haven’t read a book in a while. I know that’s bad. But I have been spending a LOT of time on the Substack app, reading and conversing with stylish strangers. I bought a S/S 2000 Prada skirt (the lipstick print, you know the one) via a subscriber thread from a lovely girl in New York for less than AUD $400. I’m praying it fits. But the point I am trying to make is that it’s an incredible place for reviews, reads and shopping. 

I’m about to renovate my apartment too, so I have been pouring over RUSSH Home. The inspiration is real. 

Listen… I’m back on podcasts — Eyewitness Beauty is my favourite. I listen every Monday morning to try and get the juices flowing! Music wise, I’m currently enjoying Chopstick & Johnston, MGMT, Arcade Fire and Dua Lipa. Anything that puts a pep in my step. 


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