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Introducing our ‘Ideas’ cover star, Vilma Sjöberg

From the rolling evergreen hills of the Swedish countryside to the towering skyscrapers of New York City, model Vilma Sjöberg’s outer world is just as diverse as her inner landscape. A pottery lover, and an imaginative and compassionate Aquarian, she's got a coffee-before-anything approach to her mornings, and a decidedly wholesome approach to her nights (books and board games biding her evening hours). Though her quiet disposition might be misconstrued, she’s not one to compare –content to be in a lane entirely of her own.

Sjöberg’s decidedly good taste extends to the realms of music and literature – delving into books by American poet and writer Eileen Myles, and soundtracking her days with Swedish indie-folk artist Amanda Bergman’s albums.

But at the end of the day, Sjöberg is simply an optimist – stoking her creative flame, even when it leads her to the far reaches of the globe; letting the light lead her to higher and more perfect places.



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My name is ...



My age is ...

23 years old.


My star sign is ...



It suits me because ...

I’m a very creative and compassionate person.



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The first thing you should know about me is ...

I’m pretty shy around new people, which sometimes can come off as arrogant. But in reality, I feel just the opposite.


I start my day off by ...

I like to start my day by making coffee before anything else.


My go-to coffee order right now is ...

I order a huge cup of brew coffee with a splash of milk.



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I knew I wanted to pursue modelling when ...

I saw myself on a billboard for the first time.


My fondest modelling memory is ...

It was probably shooting a Saint Laurent campaign on the beach in Malibu, with an all-girls crew.


A motto I live by is ...

Don’t compare your insides to others’ outsides.



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A great idea I had was ...

Deciding to move to New York City.


I’m currently reading ...

Chelsea Girls by Eileen Myles.


If I could be anywhere I would be ...

By the river in my family’s country house in Sweden.


Right now, I’m obsessed with ...




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My idea of a good time is ...

A home-cooked dinner with my boyfriend and playing board games all night.


The first person I share good news with is ...

My mother.



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Late at night, you’ll find me ...

Curled up in bed, reading a good book.


A song or album that best describes me is ...

Falcons by Amanda Bergman.


Right now, the future looks ...



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FASHION Hannah Cooper⁠
MODEL Vilma Sjöberg @ Next Models
HAIR Adam Garland⁠
MAKEUP Joel Babicci⁠
PHOTOGRAPHER’S ASSISTANTS Matthew Tortolano and Max Bartholomew⁠
STYLIST’S ASSISTANT Kirsten Humphreys⁠
LOCATION Monk's House, former home of Virginia and Leonard Woof.⁠

Special thanks to the National Trust UK.

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