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5 way to upgrade your shower time


It's winter, which - counter to our Digital Director, Mia Steiber's advice - means we're spending extended periods of time standing under scolding hot water. There is a special place in many people's hearts for this kind of shower. When your toes are frozen and you feel like no amount of woolly throw can sufficiently heat you, when you've had a horrible day and need to rinse away your sorrows, when you've rinsed your liver on a Friday night and need to sober up so that you can remember to drink enough water, showers are the pal we all turn to. Which is why it might be time to upgrade your shower routine for maximum enjoyment, especially those going through life without a bathtub, we're here for you. Below, five ways to effectively increase shower time enjoyment.


Add some foliage

It may feel a little Pinterest, but c/o Intothegloss and Joanna Czech, hanging eucalyptus leaves over your shower head can be more than just a decorative touch. Simply purchase some fresh eucalyptus stems from a florist (or the literal bushland, depending on your location) and gather into a bunch. Smash said bunch lightly with a hammer to get those aromas going, like bruising herbs before adding them to a pot. Once your stems are sufficiently smashed, tie your leafy bunch to your shower head, and get washing! The steam from the shower helps to carry the eucalyptus scent through the bathroom and you are left with spa-like bliss.


In the case of no foliage

If you are unsure where or how to acquire some eucalyptus branches or simply cannot justify the time, that's ok too! A shortcut and equally as delightful way to get a similar effect is to drop up to 7 drops of your favourite essential oil (we love lavender and geranium for the evening and eucalyptus and peppermint for the AM) onto a muslin cloth or face washer and place art the bottom of your shower. The steam and hot water will, again, diffuse the oils and carry their scent all around the place.


Moisturising while wet

At first, it may feel odd, but when you're standing under scolding hot water every day, it's important to protect yourself from looking like a lizard person. Our favourite method is to double layer cream and oil. Simply step out of the shower and roughly pat dry any areas that are drenched. Slather yourself while still wet with a good body cream and follow with an oil. Because your skin is so warm,  you want to trap water under the body cream. It will drink up anything you apply, and the oil will seal it in so it doesn't escape in the form of steam.


Get scrubbing

In our books, there is not much that is better than scrubbing a day away. While fans of the coffee scrub sometimes you dont want to commit to that kind of cleanup. For a good scrub that still does the job, try one from Venustus Paddington or Aesop. Both will leave you smelling and feeling your best.


Light a candle

Candles in the bath are no new phenomenon, and likley neither are candles in the shower. We wanted to unclude regardless, because lighting a good scented candle while you unwind is joyful and soothing. Choose your favourite scent and watch the flame. Maison Balzac Le Bois and Boy Smells Cedar Stack are among our favourites.