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How this Melbourne brand is changing the conversation around wellness

Self Care

Rachael Akhidenor was too often the only person of colour in an exercise class. Whether it was a yoga class or a guided meditation, she would find herself as the only diverse face in a room of people.

It's a fatal flaw in the current positioning of wellness. It's not secret that the wellness industry is not exactly and inclusive space. Some argue that people of colour are just invisible in this realm, they're flat out not welcome.

So, Rachael set out on a mission to change the conversation. A new community was born.

Introducing Self Care™, a Melbourne-based label and community on a mission to disrupt Australia’s wellness and self-care industry.

Self Care

"I was perplexed by why the imagery around self-care only seemed to include those who were white, thin and privileged," Rachael said. Her mission is to change that.

The lack of diversity and representation traditionally seen in "wellness" can tell BIPOC, men and the LGBTQI+ community that self-care is not for them. And as a result, Rachael's community is particularly positioned towards these groups, thsoe marginalised by the current image of wellness in Australia.

This new, fresh label has a mission: promote self care to anyone and everyone. Self Care™ creates branded, merch-style pieces as a form of "wearable activism".  According to Rachael, "you are what you wear whether you are aware of it or not. "

Genderless and ethically made here in Australia, Self Care™’s  tees hope to invite everyone to the wellness conversation. And it's content creation hopes to expand on the definition of what it means to live well.

Self Care

Rachael's plans are beyond her wearable activism. There is so much more to the story, and that story needs to be told. Self Care will host in-depth interviews, both written and videoed, with members of its community, starting in July. The ideas is to form a space, a safe one, which allows for free self-exploration and self-acceptance. Ideals that this brand hopes to promote within our society.

And, Self Care donated $5 from every t-shirt sale to Lifeline Australia.

Maybe it's time you got some Self Care in your wardrobe? Check out the brand here.