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5 new exercise classes to try as gyms re-open

exercise classes gyms open

Long walks are great. And we appreciate exercise classes via Zoom. But as studios and gyms open with lockdown restrictions easing in many Australian states, we're thinking about our next move.

Here are a few exercises on our list to try as classes and gyms open, and our confidence grows. It's a time for new beginnings after all.

Kundalini Yoga

Much of the Kundalini Yoga tradition is about energy. And the resulting workout is physical, mental and spiritual. Kundalini rests on the notion that we all have a spiritual or energy force located at the base of our spine (conceptualised as a serpent). From there, the practice brings focus to chanelling it correctly. According to Yogi Maya in Sydney, this practice is achieved "through asana (postures), mudra (hand positions), mantra (chanting) and pranayam (breathe work)", working fast "to transform your energy levels, your mood, your mental clarity as well as your physical fitness and well being." By all accounts it's intense. But an intriguing juncture for those on a journey of self discovery. Kundalini House offers classes in Melbourne. And Kundalini Yoga Brisbane has recently re-opened.


House Dance Classes

Have you considered House as your next form of body movement? If not, watch this. The House dance style is a fusion of styles like African dance, Latin dance, hip-hop, Capoeira and Jazz. It began post-disco in Chicago and NYC at loft parties and underground clubs. Search Google for studios in your hometown. Or if online is still your vibe, Groove Therapy offers classes and courses.


Ballet Classes

Since we tried the Australian Ballet's free online classes we've been wanting to take it to the next level. Turns out it's never too late to learn. Our forget any childhood preconceptions. Keep an eye online as adult classes for all abilities reopen around the country.



Feeling pent up? A little frustrated? Boxing isn't exactly new. But in the same way that centring exercises like yoga feel right for this time, so do actions that feel powerful. There are more ways than running to up your cardio after months of sitting down. And this is one of them. Studio vibes vary, so Classpass is a good place to start in finding the one that's right for you.


Aerial Pilates

Pilates - whether mat or reformer -is the old faithful. But we're always down to try something new. Enter, aerial Pilates. This method takes classical and contemporary Pilates technique and adds an aerial hammock for increased novelty factor and a fresh challenge. We say attend with a friends for maximum fun. Sky-Lab - reopening June 15 - offers classes in Sydney. As does Embody in Perth.