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Dance up a sweat: the Australian Ballet has free online classes

The Australian Ballet

Yes, you can now take ballet classes with the Australian Ballet online.

Apparently, no prior experience is necessary for these virtual classes. The practices are designed for beginners. Which is excellent news for those of us with limited hand-eye coordination (me).

If you've always wanted to try out a barre class - but showing off your poor dance skills in front of a crowded classroom is low on your list of fun things to do - this is the perfect time. You can follow these online regimes, taught by ex-ballerina Justine Miles, from the comfort of your empty living room. Stress and pressure free.

There are currently two beginners classes available which promise to help you "get familiar with the barre and progress slowly into exercises in the centre of the room, helping you to improve your posture, coordination and strength." You can see them both here on the Australian Ballet's At Home With Studios section of the site.


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I took ballet as a kid, but my total lack of coordination meant I wasn't very good at it. I complained until my mum let me quit. I wasn't going to suffer through the embarrassment of another recital.

But I must admit, I missed the activity and the flexibility. Dancing keeps you in remarkable shape and I personally find it a lot more fun than laying down and doing 30 crunches on my hard floorboards.

Ballet is also one of those activities that is particularly good for your posture and stretching out all the kinks in your muscles. An excellent antidote to counteract all our stay-at-home sitting. Even if barre classes have not previously been on your list, your back will thank you for giving them a try.

If you want more ballet, don't forget that the Australian Ballet has also taken its 2020 season online. Currently showing is the company's rendition of Cinderella which you can watch on the new digital platform - Ballet TV, see it here.