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Is isolation the time to start making your own alcohol?

DIY Alocohol limoncello receipe

Our DIY projects are at an all time high. We are tinting our own brows, building our own furniture, making our own bread. So how about alcohol? 

We’ve certainly been drinking our fair share of it. But in the spirit of rationing our stocks, making the most of idle hands and embracing the satisfactory feeling of having made something all on our own may we suggest you make your own alcohol

We’ve all been dreaming of the European escapes we can no longer have. Long lunches under speckled sunlight. Salt on our skin, on our food, on our skin. Afternoons that stretch into evenings, that turn into night because time is of little consequence. But in the spirit of making the most of what we’ve got we needn’t let go of the dream entirely. Unico Zello along with Applewood Distillery have teamed up to provide you with your very own at-home limoncello kit. 

In need of a project? Got 14 days up your sleeve (trick question, we know you do)? Great. This is for you. The kit comes equipped with Applewood’s 60% ABV spirit, 750-800grams of lemons and grapefruits and access to Unico Zello’s previously safeguarded recipe. Now yours to access at home, delivered to your door. 

Best enjoyed paired with your favourite pasta recipe, soundtracked by the songs that transport you to where ever holidays mean to you and if real life company is sparse, there are always those apps for that.

If this all sounds like too much, you can always just buy a bottle. But remember how we mentioned the satisfaction of making things yourself? Give it a try. Your next DIY project with an inbuilt reward. 

DIY Alcohol limoncello from Applewood