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Attention nervous travellers, these new features from Uber will put you at ease

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Nervous travellers listen up: Uber is here to put you at ease. If you're a chronically late person (guilty) or simply want to minimise as many hurdles between you and your destination, the mobility service has introduced a couple of handy new travel features ahead of your next trip away. From the freshly launched Uber Travel to a new function that enables users to schedule and reserve airport pickups, find all the details below.

What is Uber Travel?

One of the recently launched features is Uber Travel. How it works is you simply link your travel plans from your Google or Microsoft email accounts and watch as all your accommodation, flight details and restaurant bookings are consolidated into one easy to digest travel itinerary. Shout out to all the Virgos, you're going to love it. Imagine all the time you'll have to work on your holiday wardrobe spreadsheet instead?

You can now reserve airport pickups

The frantic struggle to snag a ride after you've just landed at the airport is not fun. Actually, it's a struggle. You're juggling luggage with the jumper you packed for the plane but is no longer comfortable to wear, all while trying to search for an address in your email to type into your Uber app. Throw in distracted children or an important work event to heighten the stakes.

Uber's latest feature is exclusive to Uber Premier and allows you to reserve airport pickups up to 30 days in advance at Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney airports. Which solves this very specific, very real problem. The best part is the app is kitted out with flight tracking technology, to ensure you have a ride waiting regardless of if your flight is early, on time or delayed. A stroke of genius.

More importantly, since you're travelling with Uber's most premium ride, the fare already allows for 60 minutes of wait time, so as a rider you don't need to run through the airport once you've landed for fear of fronting an additional cost.

To learn more about the latest travel features, head to the Uber website.


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