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Spend an Italian summer at Villa Tasca from ‘The White Lotus’

villa tasca the white lotus

A trip to Sicily has taken on a whole new meaning ever since Mike White debuted his second season of The White Lotus. The funny thing is we seem more determined than ever to escape to the soccer ball to Italy's boot, death and leering locals have done little to dissuade us. So if you're planning a summer getaway to southern Italy, why not do it The White Lotus way and hit up its many filming locations? One such place is the Villa Tasca, which is available to rent on Airbnb.

Before you go there, no we're not talking about the place where Tanya McQuoid AKA Jennifer Coolidge cottoned onto all those murderous gays. Although you can stay at Quentin's sumptuous home, Villa Elena, in Noto if you want – just know that it'll cost you a small fortune. Rather, Villa Tasca is the site where Daphne roped Harper into staying for a night in episode three.

Villa Tasca is drenched in Italian renaissance grandeur, the walls are lined with trompe-l’oeil frescoes and Murano chandeliers hang from the ceiling. Parts of the estate even date back as early as the 1500s. Century old citrus groves line the property while swans occupy its ponds and just as we witnessed in the series, Villa Tasca is replete with an outdoor pool.

Onsite staff are there to ensure your stay goes as smoothly as possible too, which means a laundry service, linen change and if you so choose, a chef to cook your meals.

Contrary to what's said in the series, the estate is actually located in Palermo as opposed to the historical town of Noto. And although Villa Tasca is fitted out with old world opulence, there are modern features to lavish in also; such as an elevator, air-conditioning and wifi. Although who needs those when you can hole up in the reading or music rooms, or say, the greenhouse and botanic gardens.

Plan your stay at Villa Tasca through the Airbnb website.

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