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Uber Eats team up with ‘Bridgerton’ actress to help thousands of women access menstrual products

Uber Eats team up with 'Bridgerton' actress to help thousands of women access menstrual products for free

Bridgerton and Derry Girls actress Nicola Coughlan has teamed up with Uber Eats for a good cause – to help thousands of women, girls and people who menstruate get access to menstrual products for free.

The Irish actress recently filmed a campaign in Australia for the platform to remind people that period products were available on the Uber Eats app, but before shooting, the actress and the Uber Eats team decided the campaign needed to go beyond being a memorable brand film, it needed to be impactful.

“I wanted to use my involvement with Uber Eats to both showcase the availability of period relief products on the app but also to raise awareness about the very real barriers to accessing these important items for women, girls and people who menstruate right across Australia," said Coughlan. "I really hope that the campaign will have a positive impact long after my commercials have stopped airing."


What is the initiative?

The globally renowned actress has joined the platform's campaign to donate one period product for every one purchased via the Uber Eats app – from now until the end of the year – to women's services network WESNET and Share the Dignity.

Every pad or tampon purchased through the Uber Eats app will result in a donation to Share the Dignity who will make the tampons, pads and liners available at no cost to all women in their network including WESNET.

“We always want our Uber Eats campaigns to bring joy and drive business impact but this time it’s different. I know the entire team is super focused on this being a success because every period product purchased on the Uber Eats app will generate another for people who might not be able to afford one and we want to help as many people access these essential products as we can,” said Uber’s Senior Director, Head of International Marketing Lucinda Barlow.


What is period poverty?

Period poverty is defined as a lack of access to menstrual products, hygiene facilities, waste management and education – and it affects many people globally in physical and psychological ways. Like any form of poverty, in can be debilitating.

An unfortunate byproduct of the rising cost of living in Australia is that more people are expected to experience poverty this year, and the stigma around the topic often prevents it from being talked about, researched and addressed.


Where will the donations go?

Uber Eats is working with WESNET on this initiative, who provide relief and support to women and children experiencing domestic and family violence. For several years already, Uber has worked withWESNET by offering Uber rides to women who are escaping violence, so this is a furthering of their commitment to the cause.

The period products themselves will be donated to Share the Dignity, a charity making an on-the-ground difference to those experiencing period poverty by collecting and donating period products to those in need – including through WESNET.

“Uber has long supported WESNET by providing hundreds of women escaping violence access to free rides through our network of specialist domestic and family violence services," said WENET CEO Karen Bentley.

"We are delighted to expand our partnership with Uber Eats on such a meaningful initiative. The cost of living in Australia is a pressing issue, especially for women who are experiencing family violence which often involves financial abuse. Starting a new life in safety is very costly and the services that support women are also severely underfunded - so every little bit really helps. This initiative will offer survivors access to manage one of their basic needs, period products."


Watch Nicola Coughlan's Uber campaign video below


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