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5 low-maintenance meals we’re cooking this week


In Australia we are entering into week six of self-isolation and lockdown regulations, which means we are fresh out of ideas for WTF to make every night for dinner. The luxury of pasta making and enjoying has become nothing more than a tired ritual, I can’t possibly look at another Alison Roman stew (forgive me, Alison), and coming up with something other than just ‘stuff on toast’ feels near impossible. In the spirit of this very dilemma, we are rounding up some low maintenance meal ideas to soothe the soul.


BA’s Spring Hot and Sour Soup

weeknight-dinner-recipesDespite being Autumn on our side of the pond, this fresh, spicy soup is exactly what we want come the chilly nights. Fresh sugar snap peas bring brightness to this brothy, spicy masterpiece.


Polenta and Eggs

weeknight-dinner-recipesGive polenta a chance. When cooked well, this grainy, meal-y goop is transformed into a creamy, silky, hug in a bowl. Only made more luxurious by gooey egg yolk and a load of parmesan.


BA’s Saucy Chicken Puttanesca

weeknight-dinner-recipesA robust version of the pasta. Cost effective and extremely delicious, this saucy chicken dish is low maintenance and easy enough to pull off. Chicken gently braised in salty, tomatoey, garlicky sauce? We are very enthusiastic about this one.


Parmesan White Bean Soup


The humble white bean finally has its moment in 2020! A miracle. Here, they are cooked in a parmesan broth which is both light and rich. This comforting dish takes 15-20 minutes to throw together and is an unexpectedly luxurious way to consume beans and greens.


Lemon Chicken Rice Soup


A mix between a risotto, a congee and a soup, this creamy lemony soup is the equivalent of Ina Garten stroking your head soothingly. Hearty, simple and very delicious.


Image credits top to bottom: Bon Appetit, NYT Cooking, Bon Appetit, NYT Cooking, EyeSwoon.