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A fourth season of ‘True Detective’ is officially in the works

true detective night country

Our favourite sleuthing series is back for another run. Season four of True Detective has been given the green light from HBO, with a pair of fresh faces to lead us into the murky terrain of murder and disappearances. Showrunners are calling it True Detective: Night Country, a name which points to its Arctic location.

Who will star in True Detective season 4?

As is the case with previous seasons, True Detective: Night Country will be helmed by two new investigators. In a series first, this time around it focuses on two female leads, detectives Liz Danvers and Evangeline Navarro. Jodie Foster, is reprising her past role of gumshoe, and stepping on as Danvers. Meanwhile, Kali Reis, a Wampanoag, Cherokee and Nipmuc professional boxer of Cape Verdean descent, in onboard for the role of Navarro. Reis made her acting debut in Catch the Fair One, a film that follows a former boxer on a mission to rescue her younger sister from a trafficking network.

What will the next season be about?

According to Variety, series four of True Detective begins as the long winter night falls over Ennis, Alaska. As darkness sets in, six men that operate the Tsalal Arctic Research Station disappear without a trace. To solve the case, Danvers and Navarro must "confront the darkness they carry in themselves, and dig into the haunted truths that lie buried under the eternal ice".

Issa López will helm the new series as showrunner and writer, and Jodie Foster will join her, alongside show creator Nic Pizzolatto, Mari Jo Winkler, Matthew McConaughey, and Woody Harrelson as producers.

Is there a release date?

At this point in time there's been no official announcement of a series premiere date. With filming slated to begin soon in Iceland, we'll have a better idea of a release date then.

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