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King of opulence Baz Luhrmann is adapting ‘Australia’ into a miniseries titled ‘Faraway Downs’

australia miniseries faraway downs

Baz Luhrmann cannot be stopped in 2022, from Bazzifying the King of Rock in Elvis and now resisting his own back catalogue and turning Australia into a miniseries, titled Faraway Downs. Almost 15 years since the film's release, the limited series is slated to run for six episodes and is backed by Hulu.

What is the plot of Faraway Downs?

Using entirely recut footage from the original 2008 film – which shot three endings – think of Faraway Downs as an updated, reinvigorated version of the Lurhmann epic which starred Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. The series, spanning the four years of World War II, is set to expand in the drama of Lady Sarah Ashley (Kidman) as a cattle baron plans to take land from her, while a young First Nations boy (Brandon Walters) is caught in the governmental policy now known as the Stolen Generation.

The director says he was inspired by another cinematic epic and telling the film in an Alternative plot.

“I originally set out to take the notion of the sweeping, Gone With the Wind-style epic and turn it on its head — a way of using romance and epic drama to shine a light on the roles of First Nations people and the painful scar in Australian history of the ‘Stolen Generations,'” Luhrmann said in a statement. “While Australia the film has its own life, there was another telling of this story; one with different layers, nuances and even alternative plot twists that an episodic format has allowed us to explore. Drawn from the same material, Faraway Downs is a new variation on Australia for audiences to discover.”

When is the Australia miniseries Faraway Downs released in Australia?

A release date for the Australia miniseries Faraway Downs is still to be announced. Luhrmann isn’t the first director to adapt a film into a miniseries, with Quentin Tarantino having adapted The Hateful Eight into a series with Netflix.

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