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Troye Sivan and Steele Mellet on fragrance, in-flight skincare and drag makeup


There's not much Troye Sivan can't do. Over the weekend he was nominated for this first-ever Grammy. He has impeccable taste in interiors. His new album, Something To Give Each Other, is 100/10. He even launched fragrance brand TSU LANGE YOR with his brother Steele a few months ago.

In the beauty sphere, fragrance is no joke. It combines chemistry with precise creativity, and there's not a lot of room for error. But TSU LANGE YOR, TLY for short, has been met with aplomb. Described as scents for 'self and sanctuary' the fragrance brand has done away with tired celebrity tropes and instead brought unique olfactive mixes to the table. For instance there's Pool, a sunny mix of gin, shiny skin and SPF. Or the namesake TLY 5575, a verdant mash-up of forest pine, shies, woods and vetiver.

Steele and Troye are clearly doing it right; the National Gallery of Victoria just launched the brand as part of its design store offering.

We spoke exclusively with the pair to touch on the brand a few months in, the business-family matrix, and beauty rituals in general (skin, hair and drag makeup included... because anyone who's seen that film clip will know what we're referencing).

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So where did the idea for TSU LANGE YOR come from?

Troye: The idea for TSU LANGE YOR was born out of my passion for interiors and a deep sense of homesickness I felt while touring. It's a physical manifestation of the comfort and personal touch I yearn for in spaces I live and work in.

Talk to me about the name...

Steele: The name 'TSU LANGE YOR' pays homage to my family’s heritage, meaning 'to long years' in Yiddish. It's a tribute to my great-grandmother and encompasses a blessing for a long and fulfilling life, which is the spirit we imbue into our brand. We also like ‘TLY’ for short.

What was your creative process behind the brand?

Troye: That was one of the highlights of the whole project so far for me. Each fragrance was a journey of collaboration and exploration. We sought to evoke memories and emotions that resonate with the feeling of home and nostalgia. I love the idea of a scent wardrobe – a fragrance for the weather and mood and motives of the day – so I saw this first collection as us dipping our toes into those key moods.


What surprised you the most about creating a fragrance?

Troye: I think just the difficulty, and time it takes. Fragrance is personal, intense, and emotional for people. It’s also extremely dynamic. During the testing phase, I’d have friends and family wear the scent while I was hanging out with them to try and experience the it second-hand, and at different wear times. I’d of course wear them myself as well… It's a meticulous art form that combines science, creativity and patience.

So what's your favourite in the TLY lineup?

Troye: I have a special connection to TLY 5755 as a home scent – it’s the candle and oil burner blend I use most at home in Australia and has some really special memories attached to it.

Steele: I’m completely addicted to POOL, which has been a surprise for me. In the past, I’ve gravitated to woody and spicy notes. But POOL is so delicate and green... it's an exciting departure. I’ve also noticed it often surprises and delights people when they smell it on me, which is fun.

What's it like, working with your sibling?

Troye: It’s gone very smoothly, we both know our roles and empower each other to execute on them. There’s never really been a question about what’s a 'Troye call' vs. 'Steele call'.

We’re both fiercely protective of our family, and have the type of loyalty to one another that I think is unique to siblings. Because of that, it’s been very easy to deliberate on big decisions, as we know with certainty that the other person has our best interest at heart.

On the wider topic of beauty, what's your overarching philosophy?

Troye: My overarching philosophy on beauty is about authenticity and expression. There’s no rules... beauty really does come from within. If it feels right and hot to you, go for it.


Talk to me about skincare, do you have a routine? 

Troye: Yes, I do! It's fairly simple and focused on keeping my skin healthy and hydrated. I’m pretty lucky that my skin has been mostly even keeled for most of my life. I start with a gentle cleanser, followed by a serum, and then a moisturizer. I make sure to use sunscreen every day as well.

The single skincare product that’s changed your life for the better?

Troye: A high-quality moisturiser has been a game-changer for me. It's crucial for keeping my skin balanced, especially with the constant travel.

We’re obsessed with the blonde right now — who colours your hair?

Troye: Haha! I just went brunette again! I wanted to give my hair a break and let it relax for summer. My favourite colourist in the world is probably Jenna Perry.

And what styling product goes into it?

Troye: This might sound gross, but the best product for me is a little bit of natural grease. Day three or four after a wash is prime time. I have curly hair that when it’s too clean, it can easily become fluffy. So I probably lean towards hair creams, pastes, and maybe some volumising powder to give some lift...

Tell us three beauty lessons you took from the your incredible transformation in the One Of Your Girls film clip?

Troye: Nose contour changes a face, face tape is incredible, and brow shape is very important.

What does self-care look like for you both when you’re burnt out?

Troye: Self-care for me involves stepping back from the hectic pace of life and indulging in rest. Whether it's a day spent in bed, a long bath with our Tsu Lange Yor candles, or just quiet time with a good book, it's about recharging mentally and physically, preferably in Australia with friends and family.

Steele: Troye and I are completely different here: when I’m burnt out it’s usually from a long spell of sitting behind a screen, so I recharge with as much exercise and movement outdoors as possible. I like to run, surf or kick a ball with friends.

What about travel — is there something you do or bring with you to make a hotel room feel more like home?

Troye: I always bring a piece of home with me, like a candle. I also think I subconsciously strew some clothes around to make the space feel a little more lived in.

You recently traveled to Paris together... who has the better in-flight beauty routine?

Troye: Definitely me.

Steele: I don’t know so much: sleep plays a big role in a successful beauty routine and that’s all I do on long flights.

Finally Troye, congratulations on the new album! Can you describe it for us in a single sentence?

Troye: Thank you! Something To Give Each Other is an album of reflection, hope, dance music, sex, and solitude, and community.

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