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Cut and run: a beginners guide to trimming your hair at home


For those of us who have been putting off having a haircut since the beginning of the pandemic (me), or simply cannot get an appointment due to safety or availability, there comes a time when the split ends begin to take over their usual allocated percentage of hair-shaft real estate, and we're forced to take matters into our own hands.

Cutting your hair at home is usually a task not even seasoned professionals will undertake alone, but strange times call for strange solutions, and it might just be time to get on with things solo. Of course, we're not suggesting you go from lengthy strands to an asymmetrical lob with bangs from your own bathroom, but there's no harm in tidying things up for the greater good of your strands. Below, with the help of Georgia May Jagger and Bleach London, we're giving our tips to ridding yourself of split ends without a disastrous result.

Lower your expectations

As mentioned above, the key to a successful trim is setting your expectations in hell. We're not here trying to give ourselves a 70s shag, nor will we likely pull of a perfectly blunt cut with nothing but a hand mirror and kitchen scissors. Be at peace with the idea of only taking off what you absolutely need gone.

Start small

Don't try and trim off more than a half inch of length. Instead, focus on individual sections and only take off whats needed. This method will render you with a similar shape you began with, just a little neater and more manageable.

Trim away the bulk

After sectioning dry hair into four areas, comb detangled hair out and begin to snip in vertical cuts. This will help to avoid any harsh lines or chunks missing and leave you with whispy, effortless ends.

Do the twist

Once you have tackled the ends, twist the section of hair into a tight twist and pust the hair upwards to reveal any broken strands with split ends. Then, run your scissors over these strays for an even finish.

For curly hair

Start with dry detangled hair and let the shape of your cut to determine how to hold the hair while trimming. Round shapes are advised to be cut while held forward, while triangular shapes work best to cut while held towards the back of your head, square shapes are apparently best trimmed evenly top-to-bottom and side-to-side. For coiled hair, work on individual coils  and stretch the hair out. When it twists back into itself, trim the hairs that stick out of the coils.

Below, watch Georgia May Jagger effortlessly show us how to trim your hair at home, and demonstrate the above tips.


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