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Home haircuts? Haircare during times of isolation

From left: Imaan Hammam @imaanhammam; Tina Kunakey @tinakunakey.

During times of stress it's never advisable to make major life decisions. But hey, sometimes we have no choice. Jump into the unknown mid pandemic? Perhaps. Cut a fringe post break-up? Never.

Whilst many salons, for the time being, fall under ‘essential services’ and are taking all precautions to minimise risk so that it is still safe to visit your salon, Madison Voloshin of A-H Salon offers that video calling your stylist in times of isolation is often the best way to get expert advice whilst stuck at home. Just like in those post break-up weeks “it’s never a good idea to change your hair,” he advises. “Without thought,” and without the help of an expert that is.

If your hair is not looking it’s best due to not being able to get your regular touch ups, Voloshin recommends to simply refocus your priorities. “In quarantine people should be looking to improve their hair health. Nobody will see them in quarantine, so when coming out of isolation it is better to have strong, healthier hair than coming out with a bad home haircut.”

We’ve long been told to wash our hair less. And with no one to see here is your chance. Never had the time for an at home hair treatment? Why not take advantage of being indoors and let your hair soak in the goodness of a moisture rich mask.

Where to start? Davroe’s Rebuilder treatment “restores strength, body and shine to damaged hair using quinoa and rice proteins to strengthen dry brittle hair.”  Or if your hair is in need of some intensive treatment then “MCT is the ultimate moisture conditioning treatment and infuses each strand with a boost of hydration,” he recommends.

“All the products are vegan, sulfate and paraben free” so your hair’s health is the focus, front and centre.

For at-home remedies you can concoct from the contents of your fridge and pantry you could always try Sophia Roe’s mask for scalp health. We’ve all got apple cider vinegar and coconut oil lying about.

So make the most of your time indoors. We’ll have to reenter society one day, may as well come out the other side our best selves.