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Jarvis Aivali on his experience at the Tommy Hilfiger Fall 22 show

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 22

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Head to the Tommy Hilfiger website to rewatch the Tommy Factory Fall 22 fashion show.

It's Tommy Hilfiger's first time back on the fashion week schedule in three years, so naturally, the king of prep and all-things New York style was bound to make a statement. We knew this from the moment it was announced that Hilfiger would be rejoining the schedule for his Fall 2022 runway show, and we can confirm that the prediction was not in vein, with a show that was both theatric and realistic.

On a New York summer night in the pouring rain, models came down the runway – which was coated in monogrammed aluminium foil and snaked around a set of a pile of foil covered chairs, giant silver spray cans, and a drum kit – in droves, sporting the see-now buy-now Fall 22 collection.

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 22

It was classic Tommy Hilfiger in that it was piled high with preppiness, while still tapped into the modern wearer and, most importantly, an urban lifestyle. Taking inspiration from those who have shaped American culture like Andy Warhol (hence the foil), Tommy Hilfiger reimagines the colours of the nation: blue, white and red, and applies them to a forward-thinking way of dressing, combining prints, textures, and silhouettes to mark a more accurate representation of who the modern wearer is – a note that was reflected in the casting for the show.

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 22

Signature silhouettes, like rugby shirts and chunky, V-neck cable knit sweaters were paired with oversized scarves, jeans, and sharp suiting. If you are looking for styling inspiration by way of neck ties, Hilfiger handed it out in ample supply, alongside leather motifs like sultry harnessing, thigh high boots, biker jackets, and a woven whip that Precious Lee carried for the second-final exit.

Julia Fox was there, in a blue and red striped ribbed bodysuit and sheer monogrammed tights, while Winnie Harlow made an appearance wearing layered, low slung drawstring track pants and a cropped sweater. Ashley Graham was among the first celebrity model sightings, wearing a knitted rugby-style jumper dress paired with green leather gloves and thigh-high boots, all lending themselves to the idea of a new generation of American icons.

To close out the show, Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker lurched out of his seat in the audience and onto the runway, where he took his seat behind the drum kit to play out the finale for another moment of conversation – one that model Jarvis Aivali continues with us on his experience attending the show, below.


Tommy Hilfiger Fall 22

Tell me about the energy...I saw it was raining! What was the atmosphere like?

The rain was a paid actor. The chaos of almost shutting down the roads from so many black SUVs to the crowd fumbling their way to find their seats since everyone was late made everything pay off 100x more when the show started. Despite all of it, no one was in a bad mood, we were all on the same wavelength. The music choice also just pulled everyone in.


What was the music?

In my opinion the music can make a show, half the crowd was bobbing their heads singing along. It was a mix of 80s and modern beats mixed by the live DJ, it definitely had me encapsulated.


The set looked incredible and really Warholian. It's hard to imagine the scale of it on video, what was it like in person?

It was huge! A lot of tin foil which reflected the lights, and you could see the rain pouring down through the large spotlights. A highlight was the city view of Manhattan in the distance, glowing buildings at one end and then models right in front of you.


I often think about Tommy Hilfifer as really selling the original meaning of the New York style… Was this one of those moments for you?

Definitely. To me Tommy is NYC. From watching his apartment tour on AD, the man runs New York, and even the classic Tommy colours... it's very American.


And tell me about your favourite look?

Look 44. The colour on the jacket combined with red accents in the tie and big gloves, it's very New York Wall Street but make it grungy and sexy, which is what this collection kind of felt like – a combination of punk, jock, cheerleader and cowboys. Quintessential American powers with a twist.

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 22


What was a standout moment? I loved Precious Lee in the denim look with the whip...

It was too good. Also when Winnie Harlow came out, everyone cheered, which is something I hadn’t experienced before at a fashion show. The crowd definitely passed the vibe check.


Fall 22 feels very much about icons that span across the music industry, fashion, art and culture. How do you feel this was translated through the collection?

With the combination of the new Tommy Hilfiger monochrome design by Fergus Purcell and the debut of the Tommy Hilfiger x Richard Quinn collaboration. Richard went into the archives and saw kilts, varsity jackets and classic American pieces and started to create the archetypes of the jock, the punk, the cheerleader and the cowboy and imagined them as both otherworldly and American avatars. This gives the collection such an iconic flare to American east side prep. Bringing the feeling to dress and feel like a rockstar for any occasion, unleashing your inner icon. We all as creatives have our own unique ways of expressing ourselves and our passions. I felt that this translated heavily in the collections new extravagant looks, that will for sure make your head turn twice.


What do you think of the see now buy now element that TF have implemented ahead of the show?

No one likes to wait for anything. I’m definitely guilty of that myself. If I see it now, I want it now. The element of already having the items you see walk on the run way accessible to purchase the second after you see it is phenomenal. The way you feel seeing a certain piece or outfit on the runway, to then be able to feel that same way in a few short days really adds to the entire experience. What’s not good about receiving a product whilst the adrenaline is still tingling about the thought of wanting it?

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 22


Are you excited to be in New York? Whats it like to be there with an iconic American brand?

Yes, I am very excited to be in the big apple. Apart from seeing it in film, I was first truely introduced to the city through video creator Casey Neistat. Some cities only give off their charm once you’re there. Through Casey’s videos I knew immediately that I wanted to live in NYC. I also somewhat structured my previous career around the idea of being able to move here.

To then be invited as a guest to watch the Tommy show in the city where Mr. Hilfiger himself lives is truly an honour. I was first introduced to the brand in 2015 when everyone in my school started to get into brands. It truly is a brand that is timeless.


How does Tommy Hilfiger's preppy identity fit into your personal style?

There’s a subtle Royal quality to TH preppy. We all like to indulge ourselves in elegance, and I try bring that to my everyday style. Tommy has had a luxury appeal for decades now, still upholding its class today. To me, the preppy look feels like everyday elegance. Something that you can put together to go about your daily activities whilst still bringing a sense of charm to your outfit. Personally, I’m always leaving the house, trying to challenge myself, every step out the door is a way to express myself creatively with my outfit. A preppy fit will always impress and make you feel special. I’m a firm believer in how an outfit can shape your mood. Whenever I’m in a preppy fit, you best believe I feel the elegance.

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 22


Tell me about your final thoughts of the show.

Phenomenal. Chaotic. Show stopping. It’s not just the show it’s the environment. Walking in, you got to see backstage, where models are getting their hair and makeup done, and Tommy Hilfiger himself was conducting interviews. A glimpse into the behind the scenes that are usually kept behind the curtain. The weather for the night had chosen to rain, this in my opinion added to the show's uncut appeal. Raindrops shimmering through the big bright lights, umbrellas everywhere. Large crowds of people, fumbling to get to their seats whilst photographers are stopping every second person for a picture. It’s that chaotic environment that I love so dearly about the fashion industry. Everything could feel likes it’s going to go south, and at the last second it just all comes together creating a spectacle to remember. The show itself was energising, music is always key to a good show, and kudos to Tommy for killing it there with a live DJ and drums performance. There were close to 80 looks in the show making it definitely a longer lasting show, but never took away from the engagement. And back to the rain, the models walking through the dim rain, glistening from the shining lights added an almost doll like appearance to each model. Such an amazing viewing experience.


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Shop The Collection Jarvis Aivali on his experience at the Tommy Hilfiger Fall 22 show

Shop The Collection Jarvis Aivali on his experience at the Tommy Hilfiger Fall 22 show

Shop The Collection Jarvis Aivali on his experience at the Tommy Hilfiger Fall 22 show

Shop The Collection Jarvis Aivali on his experience at the Tommy Hilfiger Fall 22 show

Shop The Collection Jarvis Aivali on his experience at the Tommy Hilfiger Fall 22 show

Shop The Collection Jarvis Aivali on his experience at the Tommy Hilfiger Fall 22 show