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We could all learn a lot from Helena Bonham Carter’s eccentric style

helena bonham carter style

I've always harboured a fondness for Helena Bonham Carter. It began with her off-kilter roles in Tim Burton films like Sweeney Todd and The Corpse Bride, and later it was all Fight Club and Bellatrix Lestrange. But at some point the fixation drifted beyond her as an actor and stopped on her as a person. You see, she is classically beautiful; that heavy brow and her delicate birdlike features are striking. But her beauty has always been secondary. Helena Bonham Carter is an eccentric, in the truest sense of the word.

Her dark eyes become animated and mischievous. Her mouth poised to spit out a clever joke. She's never done what's expected of her and in fashion terms that always makes for exciting style. Even during the tumultuous noughties, when women who stuck out felt the pile on, Helena Bonham Carter never just donned a black mini dress and called it a day. Nor would we want her to. In fact, we could all learn a lot from Helena Bonham Carter's style.

Since entering the public eye in the late 80s, the actress has carved out her own fashion niche, one that speaks to misfits, weirdos and oddballs. It's involves layers, petticoats, corsets and usually a heaping spoon of Vivienne Westwood. In a world of clean girls, sexxed up collections and sanitised, heavily curated style, Helena Bonham Carter's is the mid-course sorbet. Mixing art, femininity, fun and a little life-inflicted chaos, it's hers we feel ourselves drawn to as fashion continues its nostalgic beat. Find some of her best outfits, below.


With John Galliano at the Elle 'British Beauties' Party in September 1988.


With Amanda Donohoe at the Elle party in 1988.


The actor in 1988.


A baby-faced Bonham Carter.


Arriving at LAX in 1988.



A dead ringer for Hope Sandoval at Cannes in 1989.


A girl marching about town.


A cosy queen.


Another cardigan moment.


A lesson on layers from 1993.


An early 90s princess.


With Kenneth Branagh.




During The Wings of the Dove premiere at Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City, 1997.


Wearing the soft pink Vivienne Westwood gown of our dreams in 1997.


So slay.


Slay another day.


Attending the Oscars in 1998.


Attending a Dolce & Gabbana boutique party in 1998.




At the premiere of Fight Club in 1999.


Rocking the Buffalo platform sneakers.


A Buffalo enthusiast it seems.


A personal favourite.


Rocking the cargo skirt.



My summer dressing inspo.



Another summer outfit to bank.


Dishevelled milkmaid realness.


At the Moulin Rouge premiere in 2001.



Platforms and slinky late-90s dresses please.






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