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’Tis the season: how to keep healthy during the busiest time of year

There's no denying that the festive season is well and truly upon us. From sourcing the perfect Christmas gifts to a packed social calendar of work events, parties and spring weddings, it can all become quite overwhelming. To help you keep your sanity this silly season, we’ve rounded up the best of health to keep you on track.

Party right this festive season

Dietician, personal trainer and founder of Transform Health; Jordan Ponder has some sage words of advice to avoid those extended hangovers. His approach is to plan in advance - this includes choosing which events to go, how much you are planning to drink as well as scheduling in rest and recovery time. He adds, “Saying no to events that don’t add value to you is a must if you are to come into Christmas with some level of sanity and health.” Starting your week with exercise is one way to keep yourself on track as well as preparing a schedule that reflects your goals.

Sleep deprivation can ruin your skin

With deadlines to meet and people to greet, the last few months of the calendar year can have you reaching for the snooze button more often than not. However, not catching enough z’s can lead to an increase in redness, breakouts and congestion - not ideal for all those parties you have lined up. Thanks to daylight savings snatching that extra hour of precious sleep, it’s more important than ever to make sure your body is repairing itself overnight. Anna Field from The Paddington Beauty Room has recommended the best products and treatments to rejuvenate and strengthen your skin for your best beauty sleep yet.

Holiday workouts for any location

If you’ve already started packing for that end-of-year holiday, you might not be able to squeeze a set of dumbbells into your suitcase. No need to fork out for oversized baggage, as Daniella Isaacs from Bodyism has the best holiday workouts for any location. From walking to swimming, yoga and massages (yes you read that right), exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. Daniella recommends taking advantage of the destination you are visiting; for beach locations try water sports, or for mountainous regions try skiing or hiking.

Her tip for success is to start exercising on the first day of your holiday, to build a healthy routine that your body will thank you for when you return home.

Mind games

If the festive season is like running a marathon, Naturopath and Beauty Therapist Fay Halkitis is here to get you in shape. She recommends having a rich protein snack before an event to avoid overindulging as well as alternating each glass of wine with a glass of water to stay hydrated. If you’re heading to a gathering, always offer to bring a plate of food so you know there’ll be at least one dish you can enjoy with good quality ingredients. No matter what you end up eating, Fay recommends adding a side of salad or vegetables to increase your nutrients and support liver detoxification. Above all, she emphasises the time to focus on relationships, connections with friends and family as well as your own self: Happy Holidays.