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Holiday workouts for any location

On tour? Don’t let your exercise regime take a holiday as well. Think outside the box, be creative and adapt to your new world.
A holiday is the perfect time to get into a new exercise routine, it helps you tune into your body and is an easy way to de-stress quickly. The best way to make sure you exercise on holiday is to start on your first day. This will get you into a healthy routine for the rest of your time away. Take advantage of the destination you are visiting – if you are near the water do water sports, if you are in the mountains try skiing or hiking. Mix it up and enjoy.

This is one of the most underrated exercises and best way to explore your holiday destination. Every morning, get up and walk for 30 minutes, or do it as the sun is setting; it’s such a wonderful stress-busting exercise. Walking on sand gives you bonus points as it adds a great workout for your calves.

As one of the most comprehensive workouts you can get, it works nearly every muscle and because it’s gentle on the joints, almost anyone can do it. Swimming in the sea or doing a few lengths in the pool is brilliant.

Yes, this might sound a little lazy and not much like hard work. It’s absolutely not, but this is where the magic happens. It’s a fantastic way to regenerate and recharge. Often people find they lose weight on holiday; relaxing and letting go of stress is often the reason why and this is a great way of accelerating that process.

My favourite way to reset. I love to find yoga classes wherever I am in the world as it’s a really beautiful way of calming down, relaxing, stretching and energising your body and mind in your new environment.

“The best way to make sure you exercise on holiday is to do it on your first day as it will get you into a healthy routine for the rest of your time away.”

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