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Party right this festive season

We’re all feeling it. Our multi-coloured schedules start to blur as five meetings a day blend into after-hours functions before a weekend full of events destroys your ability to think clearly and recover before it all starts again. The festive season is upon us and if we’re not careful we may spend our holidays recovering from getting sick, exhausted or trying to shake those extra couple of kilograms that appeared in all the intensity.

When life gets hectic it’s valuable to take things back to basics and ask ourselves what’s important. If being seen at every event possible is the most important thing to you this December, then so be it. However, if you’re trying to balance getting the beach bod ready with an increased work schedule, deciding which events to go to and how much you are going to drink for the week – as well as booking in rest time – planning and preparing food needs to take precedence over that extra glass of rosé.

Work events, weddings, afternoons by the beach drinking with friends are all part of this wonderful time we call silly season, however it is likely that we feel pressured to go to events that we don’t necessarily want, or need, to go to. Saying no to events that don’t add value to you is a must if you are to come into Christmas with some level of sanity and health. Decide which ones matter, and which don’t, and make space for other priorities.

“Saying no to events that don’t add value to you is a must if you are to come into Christmas with some level of sanity and health.”

Schedule rest
It is essential that somewhere in your week you are finding time to unwind and recharge. If your weekend is being booked up then it is likely that the Monday morning alarm is met with exhaustion and you’re already behind at the week’s start line. Say no, book in down time and understand the value of recharging in achieving goals like exercise.

Work it out
Mentally setting up the week to be one of performance and health means feeling refreshed at very beginning, so starting the week with exercise should be everyone’s aim. Setting a drink limit for the weekend means feeling good on Sunday and being able to prepare a schedule that reflects your goals.

Jordan Ponder is a dietician, personal trainer and founder of Transform Health.