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We’re thinking a lot about Tik Tok’s salad lab lady

the salad lab

You're scrolling Tik Tok after a long day, you've watched Emily Mariko prep her weekly vegetables and found out that it's a "no bones day" for Noodle the 13 year old pug, “Welcome to The Salad Lab, where we’re making fabulous salads every day” echoes out from your speakers, calm washes over you. As the saying goes, if you know, you know. If you don't, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with The Salad Lab lady - Tik Tok's matriarch of calming food content.

From a birds eye view, all we see is a wooden bowl, her hands, and the ingredients, which, as she makes the dressing are dropped into the bowl in small vials and petri dishes. Amassing over 1.3 million followers, her audience is mesmerised by her calm and positive tone, and also the fact that she has the ability to make salad - something that people rarely go bananas over if you're not a kar-jenner - look delicious.

@thesaladlab Ariana Grande’s Style Favorite #salad #saladsoftiktok #arianagrandesalad #arianagrande #thesaladlab #balletto #sparklingrose ♬ thank u, next - Ariana Grande

Unsurprisingly, her most popular videos are the ones where she zeroes in on a celebrities favourite salad and recreates it at home, never failing to note which kind of wine she is pairing with it. There's Ariana Grande’s favorite salad, Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh Meeting Salad, Michelle Obama’s garden salad, even Emily Mariko has gotten a recent salad adaptation (is this the new indicator of "making it"?).

The Salad Lab Lady seemingly loves salads, and is on a mission to communicate that they too can be delicious and "fabulous". I concept that I, someone who is openly anti-salad, is starting to come around to. Who'd have thought! Perhaps it is her relaxing voice and perfectly measured ingredients that feel as though they restore order to life, or perhaps it's a realm of salad enthusiasm that I am not familiar with but am very much transfixed by, where there is no mention of diet culture, weight loss or health benefits and ranch dressing is tossed with croutons and the whole thing is paired with a Pinot Noir. What bliss.

@thesaladlab Sweet Greens Style Peach and Burrata #Salad #SaladsOfTickTock #TheSaladLab #LaCrema #SauvignonBlanc ♬ Peaches Justin Bieber Piano Cover - James Ursel


Either way, the Salad Lab Lady is here to stay, and I'll watch her simple, minute-long videos through to the end as long as she still makes them.

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