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‘They Can’t Kill Us All’ has just been adapted for the screen and here is what we know so far

They can't kill us all

When it comes to a movement as big as one as Black Lives Matter timing is everything. And it seems 2022 is finally the right time to give the story its due diligence; with AMC announcing it has green lit a series about the movement's early beginnings. Wesley Lowrey's book They Can't Kill Us All tells the story of the building blocks of the Black Lives Matter movement from its inception and the battles fought within and out. First published in 2016, the book finds its foundations in Ferguson, MO after the killing of Michael Brown. While also offering deeper insights into the fractious world of policing in the US and the discrepancies of human rights.


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The television adaption is set to star Don Cheadle who is also poised to come on as an executive producer to the series. The adaption comes under the banner of Cheadle's This Radicle Act and Brad Weston's production syndicate Makeready; in which the two will work in conjunction with author Lowrey on tone of the show. In 2017, Lowrey won the Christopher Isherwood prize for Autobiographical prose. The book itself touches on hundreds of interviews during the course of the year of the movements beginnings. Uncovering the truth about life on the ground and the devastation that echoed within these towns.

No doubt the series will uncover many of the very real and hard fought battles from some of the most heavily neglected and serially policed areas in the US. Issues that still continue to cause considerable political strain on the country. Given the network is the AMC, which is home to other dark dramas, we can expect this to be a brutally honest and heavy take. While little is yet known in terms of release date, we will keep you updated about any further details. In the interim you can find Lowrey's book here. A welcome education for those looking for more background info on the movement.

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