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Evan Rachel Wood is releasing a documentary titled ‘Phoenix Rising’ that chronicles the abuse allegations against Marilyn Manson

Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood has come forward with a new documentary chronicling the alleged abuse she sustained during her former relationship with Marilyn Manson. It has been almost twelve months since the actress ended previous speculation and named Manson as her abuser. She has now come out with a new project titled 'Phoenix Rising', offering a closer look into her history with domestic abuse.

Set to screen at Sundance Film Festival, the project will be released in two parts for HBO in the coming months. While the Manson allegations were not the initial push behind the project, it has definitely added a necessary layer to the narrative. The documentary itself has been in the making for two years, with Wood approaching director Amy Berg about documenting her story to get the Phoenix Act passed in California. The law in question extended the statute of limitations on domestic violence from three to five years.


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The documentary is said to offer a deep and intimate portrait of the actress pre and post allegations. With the first part of the HBO series focussing on pre speculation and the latter half looking at the exposure of abuse. The director has made it clear that the story is one of empowerment and the focus is not on Manson per se. The two of them together are focussed on telling a story that offers resources to women and men who are stuck in a situation of powerlessness and abuse. While the naming of Manson will surely be a pivotal point in the documentary, the truly visceral moments will be felt from Wood's retelling of life as a child actress in Hollywood and the impacts this has had on her individually.

We don't have word yet of a direct release date but this is sure to make important waves for women in the film community.

Phoenix Rising trailer

We've received the first trailer for Phoenix Rising and it is truly moving watch. In it Evan Rachel Wood meets with survivors and legal teams lobbying to get the statute of limitations for survivors of sexual abuse extended. We are on the edge of our seats to see the film.

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