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The wild within: a journey through the great outdoors with our model favourites

I’ve got to get away, I’ve got to fly away. Every so often, and more often than not it’s time to put down our screens and step away from our distractions. On a solo trip or with your closest of friends head out into the great outdoors. Through the jungle, up a mountain or aimlessly along a coastline there is no cure like fresh air and space to fill.

We are all guilty of ‘mashing’, a term Jacqui Lewis, principle of The Broad Place describes as “where you run a bath for your kids and are in a WhatsApp group message session and responding to emails whilst checking water temperatures. It’s when you watch Netflix and scroll on your iPad simultaneously. Or eat dinner while checking Twitter. Or type on your computer whilst on the phone to a friend.” There is nothing that focuses our attention like getting distance from the everyday world. When it comes to exercise Daniella Isaacs of Bodyism urges us to “think outside the box, be creative and adapt to your new world.” Whether at home in our routine or whilst travelling yoga, swimming and walking can all be done without the need for gyms and trainers. And if running is your thing then why not optimise your workout with Nike’s headspace app? Providing ‘guided runs’ headspace founder Andy Puddicombe explains “when we are running mindfully, we are actively creating the conditions for that sense of flow, meaning everything is enhanced, from technique and motivation to focus and recovery.”

So do like Farah and Gigi and Andrea and make the most of our time on this earth. Remember, hydration is key so carry your BKR Elle Water bottle with you always.