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‘The Unforgivable’ is a new slow-burning thriller coming to Netflix that explores life after prison

If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that Sandra Bullock has what it takes to keep us on our toes. With a resume that boasts titles like Bird Box, Speed and even, dare I say, the more comic leaning, but no less thrilling Miss Congeniality, it's clear the actress is no stranger to crafting a suspenseful journey for her audience. And she's about to add another title to her belt. Hot off the Netflix conveyor belt of new releases, is the slow-burning thriller The Unforgivable.

If you loved Mare of Easttown you're going to want to add The Unforgivable to your watch list. Landing on the streamer on November 24, the film is adapted from British TV writer Sally Wainwright’s 2009 miniseries, Unforgiven and trails a woman who is released from prison after spending 20 years of her life behind bars. It's set against the dreary, wet and somewhat miserable backdrop of suburban Seattle, a climate which only adds to the films building tension.

Sandra Bullock has been saddled with the role of Ruth Slater, who is newly released from prison after serving a sentence for murder. It's fitting then that the Bullock we're confronted with is haggard and hardened. Upon her release, Ruth has only one wish and it's to locate her younger sister Katherine. But when the sons of the police officer she murdered hear about her release, Ruth soon realises that the transition is going to be a lot more difficult than she first anticipated. Pair this with the fact that her sister doesn't know she exists, and Ruth is faced with an increasingly uphill battle.

As we've come to expect from our favourite tension-heavy films, The Unforgivable doesn't reveal all its cards at once. You're going to have to strap in to find out who Ruth killed and why. But the ride is made more digestible with a cast that includes Viola Davis and Rob Morgan.

For a glimpse into The Unforigvable, plunge into the trailer below.

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