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Let’s talk about sex with Netflix’s ‘The Principles of Pleasure,’ hosted by Michelle Buteau

the principles of pleasure

Who’s ready to learn about the orgasm gap? We certainly are, and Netflix’s latest sex education series The Principles of Pleasure is here to teach us. The three-episode offering from the streaming services is expected to highlight sex, pleasure and relationships.

Explored in The Principles of Pleasure is a frank account of the struggles many face while promoting an inclusive perspective, include trans voices and people from outside of the gender binary. In 2021, it was reported a lack of quality sex education for youth lead many tween and teenagers online to acquire the knowledge, with platforms such as TikTok the choice for many. Naturally, Netflix has decided to fill the gap many educational curriculums seem to be neglecting, and you can watch the official trailer below.

What is discussed in The Principles of Pleasure?

Taking a conversational tone, the design of the series allows guests to open up about their experiences, with input from experts peppered throughout. The three episodes comprise of Our Bodies, Our Minds and Our Relationships, the first discussing sex education, taboos surrounding sex and the history of intimacy. Our Minds looks at how our headspace plays into our sexuality and responses, and the third episode looks at how we bring out partners into our world of pleasure.

One particular highlight of the show is its slant towards focussing on female pleasure. While female intimacy is often left insufficiently explored in such shows, The Principles of Pleasure includes a discussion on issues regarding female orgasms, sex toys and the anatomy of the female genitalia. It also highlights misogyny and shame surrounding the topic, needed to break unnecessary stereotypes.

Sex educators Emily Nagoski and Ericka Hart are included in the series as experts, with comedian and author Michelle Buteau narrating.

When can I stream the series in Australia?

Music to our ears, The Principles of Pleasure is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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