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The internet’s best reactions to Spotify Wrapped 2023

The internet's best reactions to Spotify Wrapped 2023

It's the most wonderful time of the year – yes, you guessed it, Spotify Wrapped Day. It's practically a global holiday at this point, not to mention a time when your social media feeds are likely inundated by a million screenshots of your friends' top artists, most listened to songs and craziest genre-benders from over the last 12 months. We can't be certain about just how the algorithm checks and logs all of our listening habits, but we can be certain that it does seem to have an eerie accuracy for most. At the very least, it's damn entertaining. If you haven't already, you can do yours online here (or you can follow the prompts in-app).

Spent 3,000 minutes listening to Troye Sivan's Rush on repeat? In the top 0.001% of fans who listen to boygenius? Everyone right now just wants to wear their 'Top Listener' badge with pride online, or showcase their weirdest and most impressive sonic feats. But in between all of these generic share-to-feed-style posts thanking artists for their service during our emotional breakdowns – or come ups – this year, it's also a time of the year when the internet – particularly, X (RIP Twitter) – is ignited in a frenzy of memes and Tweets (can we still call them that?) about how embarrassing, inaccurate or irrelevant the entire 'Spotify Wrapped' thing is.

For the second year running, there are even a few artist thank you videos nestled into your results, which is a nice easter egg for listeners of artists like boygenius or Charli XCX. Whether you like it or not, Spotify Wrapped will be consuming us from all angles today. You best buckle in.

And so, in an effort to bring together some of our favourite internet reactions, we've collated some of our favourite posts from the last 24 hours online about this year's Spotify Wrapped. Enjoy them, below.




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