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Nick Cave’s second novel is being made into a limited series

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For decades, the only visuals of Nick Cave's storytelling we had to go off came from his gothic persona, evocative lyrics, and an easy stretch of the imagination. That will all change soon, with a limited series adaptation of Cave's 2009 novel, The Death of Bunny Munro, currently in the works. Find all the details about the project, below.

What is the plot of the series?

Nick Cave's second novel follows Bunny Munro, a sex-addicted, beauty salesman hawking "hands shit, face shit, body shit, hair shit" door-to-door along England's south coast. He's languishing in the wake of his wife's suicide, and is now the sole guardian to his nine-year-old son, Bunny Munro Jnr. The young boy watches on from the safety of a yellow Fiat Punto as his father self-destructs, haunted by vices, jealous husbands and a serial killer on the loose. It features streaks of Martin Amis, especially Money and London Fields, and is imbued with Cave's signature lyricism. From the outset, we understand Bunny is a dead man walking.

It's a black satire, disturbing and moving in equal measure. Speaking to the announcement that the novel would be adapted, Cave said, “Finally, someone with the courage to take on this unholy tale", per The Hollywood Reporter.

Who is involved?

While few of us would object to Cave portraying the titular character, especially given his acting on Wings of Desire and a suite of concert films, Matt Smith from The Crown and House of the Dragon will take on the leading role. Smith is also onboard as a producer, while Cave will be involved as executive producer. The six-part series will be written by Pete Jackson and directed by Isabella Eklöf, and the showrunners are currently searching for an actor to star as Bunny Munro Jnr.

“I am thrilled that Sky and Clerkenwell Films are bringing Bunny to life, in all his flawed glory, and I can think of nobody better than Matt Smith to play him," Cave continued.

Is there a release date?

No word yet on a release date, although filming is set to begin in autumn 2024.

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