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Melbourne in isolation – self-portraits with photographer Liane Hurvitz

Liane Hurvitz

An intimate self-portrait series. Melbourne-based photographer Liane Hurvitz invites us into her world.

A window into her home, her personal and creative life, and her experience during the ups and downs of living in Melbourne's Stage 4 isolation restrictions. Liane was inspired to create and collaborate from the confines of her home during the latest lockdown, this self-portrait photo series puts her as the subject of the lens for a change.

The need to be creative during lockdown has helped many of us find new ways to channel our creativity. For Liane, it was taking a turn to step in front of the camera to champion Melbourne-based fashion labels.

In collaboration with THE INSPIRED CO, Liane Hurvitz’s self-portrait series profiles a beautiful mix of fashion; including labels Lois HazelLylou the LabelMuse the Label, Nikita MillerPar MoiPerpleSanserie,  Simetrie, Sunshine Symbol and MLR. Also artists; Holly TerryMade by Bowie and Silk Roy were involved too.

The labels she chose are largely independent and usually rather small operations - so the challenge and impact of this second round of lockdowns has been huge.

Below, Liane shares her visual diary and words from her time in Melbourne's lockdown.

Liane Hurvitz


What inspired this self-portrait series at home?

Isolation has really shaken the creative industry, throwing so many unknowns about our future. This series has reminded me that we’re all in it together, and of the importance of really appreciating the artistry of our professions, which is unfortunately lost right now due to the impact of COVID-19 on our creative industry.


Liane Hurvitz


I love my life in Melbourne. My creativity is the essence of who I am and I need to constantly be seeking new inspiration and creating.

Connecting and supporting local designers and artists including independent labels; Lois Hazel, Lylou the Label, Muse the Label, Nikita Miller, Par Moi, Perple, Sanserie, Simetrie, Sunshine Symbol, together with local jewellery designer MLR and artists; Holly Terry, Made by Bowie and Silk Roy allowed me to continue to be inspired, create new work, connect with my creative community and support local and independent designers and artists.


Liane Hurvitz

What does home mean to you?

This year has highlighted the importance of home being a space that uplifts, inspires and facilitates my creativity.


Liane Hurvitz


Although my work is quite tonal and colourful, my space is neutral, a blank canvas. The floors are set with wide blonde timber floorboards and white sheers drape the length of the room. I love waking up to the morning light shining through them and photographing the beautiful shadows they cast on the walls and floor.


Liane Hurvitz


The space is open plan with moveable, minimal furniture. It can shift within moments and become whatever I need it to be - a place to photograph, work, or paint.


How has this year's pandemic changed you?

Isolation has been a deeply transformative experience for me on many levels. The loss of my freedom coincided with the passing of my mother, a loss that put all the other losses into perspective.


Liane Hurvitz


My time at home has given me the space to not only grieve my mother, but to reconnect with myself on a whole new level.


Liane Hurvitz


Before the pandemic my life was very busy and chaotic. Isolation has given me the opportunity to be still, without the bounds of hustling for my next job, planing my year ahead or even something as simple as choosing a restaurant to catch up with friends.


Liane Hurvitz


I’ve been able to truly reconnect with my myself and ultimately my inner creativity. This time has allowed me to enter a rawer, less inhibited space that normal life just didn’t have room for.


What has been keeping you inspired during this time?

Fashion, art and music are a permanent part of my life and home - forever keeping me sane and inspired. Recently, I’ve become more interested in documentaries and books like How to Heal Your Life. I’ve loved learning about myself and the world, something I’ve never had enough time for before.


Liane Hurvitz


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